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Baseball is mostly played in the U.S. and Canada. But, steam is picking up in other locals such as Latin America ,South America and Japan ... The future of baseball looks bright ...

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Q: What is the most popular country where baseball is played?
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What is a very popular game in Cuba?

the most popular game played in dominican republic is baseball, it is not quite sure if baseball is the right answer but most info show that baseball is played the most in the dominican republic.

Why is baseball so popular in Mexico?

It is the greatest sport ever invented and it should be the most popular sport in every country.

What is the most popular sport played in the country of New Zealand?

Its Rugby.

Most popular sport played by kid in the US?

The most sport played is baseball, basketball, cheerleader's, football.

What is the second most popular sport in the US?

The second most popular sport would be baseball. Although it is second for most popular SEEN, it is first for the most PLAYED sport.

Which country is the most popular country?

the most popular country is Rome

What are the top ten most popular sports played in the Dominican Republic?

baseball is really popular and porbably soccer too

Which European country plays the most baseball?

Baseball is extremely popular in the Netherlands. In addition to having many leagues of their own, the country has produced many MLB players.

Is Australia the most popular country?

Yes Australia is the most popular country

Most popular sport played?

The most popular played sport is:"Football (Soccer) They are in global popularity; Soccer Cricket Field-Hockey Tennis Volleyball Table-Tennis Baseball Golf American football

Is alexus the most popular name in the country?

no it is the 3rd most popular name in the country

What is the most popular country in Europe?

France is the most popular country in Europe with about 80,000,000 tourists annually. France is also the most popular country in the world.