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Softball Cleats can be bought online for great prices. A good brand for Softball cleats would be: Underarmor. Underarmor has great protection for those of you who enjoy sports.

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Q: What is the most popular brand of softball cleats?
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Do you have to have certain softball shoes for softball?

Depending on what type of field you play on, you can either wear cleats of turf shoes. Cleats are the most common type of softball shoe. There are both rubber cleats and metal cleats, but most leagues do not allow you to wear metal cleats.

What are the most expensive softball cleats?


What shoes for softball?

Cleats. There's medal cleats and rubber cleats. You can tell by looking at the bottom of the shoe. most leagues don't allow you to wear the metal cleats.

What should I take to softball?

Most softball players wear long socks, cleats, shorts, and a t shirt. They bring a bat and a softball if one is not provided to them.

Where is softball most popular?

Softball is by far the most popular in the United States. But Softball is on the rise in Japan, China, and Australia.

Do the Yankees all wear the same brand of cleats and if they do what brand?

The players wear differennt brands and different models of brands. These range from the most popular, Nike to Mizuno. Some players even wear custon cleats, and some havent even come out yet.

Is it feasible to wear football cleats for playing softball and what are the pros and cons and differences?

You can wear football cleats for softball/baseball. They will not perform as well though. Depending on your level of play this may not mean much...less than a tenth of a second in a 90' base path. You CAN NOT wear softball/baseball cleats in most other sports. Baseball cleats are normally flat and metal. They also have a "toe" cleat that works well in loose dirt. This toe cleat can cause injuries in sports like soccer, and is why they are normally banned. Most kids wear football or soccer cleats for all sports due to their interchangability and the cost of buying multiple cleats. Good football cleats often have interchangable cleats, for different field conditions.

Can you wear metal cleats in middle school softball?

No not in middle school. You can in most high school associations.

Can girls wear metal cleats in high school softball?

Most high school associations allow metal cleats but you need to check with your state association to confirm they allow there use.

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The Easton Stealth

Where is softball ranked for most popular sports?


What country is softball most popular?

United States

How popular is softball today?

Softball has always been popular. But it is improving up a little. Especially Robinson and Kennedy. They are the most popular with slow and fastpitch. You now can also get a collage degree!

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Is it against the rules to wear cleats in softball?

Most do. The question is metal cleats or non metal. Metal are usually not allowed due to sliding into the opposing teams hands while trying to tag you out. You'll have to ask the coach and umpire. Typically 16u and up allow metal cleats.

Why do schools have baseball teams but not softball teams?

Well my school has a softball team. But i guess it mainly depends on where you live and how popular the sport is. In California softball is pretty popular and most high schools out here have teams.

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