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* Frank Selvy is the only person to score 100 points in an NCAA Division I game, when he scored exactly 100 for Furman against Newberry College, a Division II school, in a 149-95 rout on February 13, 1954. (41-66 FG, 18-22 FT) * Clarence "Bevo" Francis has the NCAA all-division record of 113 points, for Rio Grande College (now the University of Rio Grande) against Hillsdale College, exactly 11 days before Selvy's mark. Francis also holds the NAIA mark of 116 points for Rio against Ashland College on January 19, 1953, but this is not recognized by the NCAA because it did not occur in a game against a four-year institution. No one else has ever scored 100 points in an NCAA game, let alone against a Division I school. The next-most is 72, by Kevin Bradshaw for US International University (now Alliant International University) in a 186-140 loss to Loyola Marymount University on January 5, 1991.

Division I Frank Selvy of Furman scored 100 points in a game in 1954 against a division 2 school. 72 Kevin Bradshaw, U.S. Int'l vs. Loyola Marymount...Jan. 5, 1991

69 Pete Maravich, LSU vs. Alabama ...Feb. 7, 1970

65 Scott Shreffler, Evansville vs. Dayton ...Feb. 2, 1989 54 Jodie Meeks, Kentucky vs. Tennessee...Jan. 13, 2009 Division II 113 Clarence "Bevo" Francis, Rio Grande vs. Hillsdale.. 1954

84 Clarence "Bevo" Francis, Rio Grande vs. Alliance .. 1954

82 Clarence "Bevo" Francis, Rio Grande vs. Bluffton.. 1954 Division III 77 Jeff Clement, Grinnell vs. Illinois Col..1998 69 Steve Diekmann, Grinnell vs. Simpson .. 1995 113 by Bevo Francis of Rio Grande in 1954.

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Jack Taylor of Grinell college scored 138 points.

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NBA - Wilt Chamberlain - 100 points

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Q: What is the most points scored by one NCAA basketball player in one game?
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