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According to, the most points scored in one game was by the Washington Redskins who beat the N.Y. Giants 72-41 in 1966.

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Q: What is the most points ever scored in a regular season game?
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What is the most points a trailblazer rookie ever scored in a season game?

Greg Oden:42pts

What Boston Celtic players have scored 50 or more points in a playoff game?

No Celtic player has ever scored 50 or more points in a playoff game. However, Both Kevin Mchale and Larry Bird have in a regular season game, with Bird scoring a franchise record 60 points.

Who scored the first touchdown in Seahawks history?

The Seahawks first ever TD in a regular season game was scored by WR Sam McCullum on a 15 yard pass from Jim Zorn in the Seahawks 30-24 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals on September 12, 1976. their first ever regular season game.

What is the lowest tiebreaker ever used in the NFL to decide a playoff spot?

Net touchdowns scored in all regular season games.

Who scored the most points ever in the Super Bowl?

45 points

What is the most points ever scored by a team in basketball?

150 points

Has a hockey player ever scored a goal in every game for the season?

No, no NHL player has ever scored a goal in every game of the season.

Who scored the Dolphins first touchdown ever?

The first ever regular season TD in Miami Dolphins history was scored by Joe Auer on a 95 yard return of the opening kickoff in the Dolphins first regular season game played against the Oakland Raiders on September 2, 1966. The Raiders won that game 23-14.

What are the most points scored by the Chicago Bulls in a game?

The most the Bulls have ever scored are 151

What NBA team has scored the most points ever?


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What was the most points ever scored by Chargers in a game?