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With a record that may never be broken, the most points scored in a career is held by Morten Anderson. He scored 2,544 points during his career. Gary Anderson is second on the list with 2.434.

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When Georgia Tech played Cumberland in 1916, Ga Tech won 222-0

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Michael Vick, 2010, Eagle Vs Redskins, 49.00 points (per fantasy) in one week.

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Only 1 point surprisingly.

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Q: What is the most points ever scored by any player in fantasy football?
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What is the highest points a single player has scored in one gameweek in the premier league fantasy football?

CR7 with 28

What is the most fantasy football points scored in a game?

Doug Martin 62.70

What is the most points scored by fantasy football running back?

Adrian Peterson scored 53 in a game last year.

What is the most points scored in a single NFL game by any fantasy football player?

Every league/website has a different system of points, so there is no real way to answer your question correctly.

Most points scored by a high school football player?

type your answer here......... <---

What do pf and pa mean in fantasy football standings?

possible accidents

Points scored if player get a home run in one take in Base-football competition?


What were the most points scored by a player in a major college football game?

it was Joe Montana with 90 something

How are points scored in football?

By a tuch Down

What was the most points scored in American football?

222 Points scored by Georgia Tech

Who is the highest scoring professional CFL football player?

Lui Passaglia, placekicker/punter for The BC Lions from 1976-2000. He scored a total of 3,991 points, which is the record for most points by a player in any professional football league.

What is the most points a kicker has gotten in fantasy football?

Depends on the league's scoring method, but the player was Rob Bironas of the Tennesse Titans sometime last season when he kicked 8 field goals in one game. He scored about 28 in my league, I think.