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Q: What is the most pitches thrown in 3 innings?
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How many pitches thrown by Al Leiter against Yankees in world series?

268 ... 126 in his Game 1 start (7 innings) and 142 in his Game 5 start (8 2/3 innings).

What MLB Pitchers struck out in 3 pitches?

I believe that almost every pitcher who has pitched for more than 30 innings has struck out someone in three pitches. It isn't very hard for a pitcher to strike someone out in three pitches, especially if they have pitched for 30 innings.

What is the least amount of pitches thrown in a MLB game?

27 pitches. This is because there are 9 innings. The minimum batters that can go up each inning is 3. 9 times 3 is 27. If you pitched and the batter pop-flied every ball then it would be 27. But in the history books it has been recorded that 58 pitches were the least amount of pitches thrown in a game. It was set by Charley "Red" Barret, He did this in 1944 on August 10. He was on the "Boston" Braves. They changed their name to Atlanta Braves later on. Hope this helped!

Who has the most scoreless innings pitched in New York Mets history?

Jerry Koosman of the 1973 Mets with 31 2/3. Currently (June 7, 2012), R.A. Dickey has thrown 24 2/3 consecutive scoreless innings.

Who is the pitcher who has thrown the most innings without a walk?

The MLB record for most consecutive innings pitched without giving up a walk is held by Bill Fischer of the Kansas City Athletics who threw 84 1/3 consecutive innings without issueing a base on balls between August 3, 1962 and September 30, 1962.

What are the most pitches that can be thrown to a batter without the batter ever making contact with the ball?

six...3 balls and 3 strikes, or 2 strikes and 4 balls.

Was there ever a 6 pitch inning where each pitch thrown was hit and out with no extra fouls or strikes?

It would be impossible. If every pitch thrown in one inning was hit and out, there could only be 3 pitches. And yes, there have been MANY of these. Actually, I think the original contributor wanted to know if 3-pitch innings had ever been recorded by both teams in the same inning - thereby leading to a total of 6 pitches for the entire inning. As far as I can tell, there is no record of such a feat in the major leagues, although the following link does provide more information regarding recorded 3-pitch innings:

How many pitches in each inning?

There are no set number of pitches in each inning. The absolute shortest number of pitches that could be pitched in one inning is 6, with 3 outs per half-inning, assuming each batter swung at the first pitch resulting in an out. I don't know the most pitches that have been thrown in one inning. I have watched games where a pitcher (or multiple pitchers) have thrown forty or more pitches in one half-inning alone. Until 3 outs have been recorded, a pitcher will continue pitching to batters. If a batter steps into the batters box with an illegal bat, he is immediately called out. If three batters on each team did this, you could have zero pitches thrown in an inning.

Who gets the win if both pitchers pitch 3 innings in a 6 inning game?

Assuming it's an MLB game that's shortened to 6 innings, the winner would have to be the second pitcher because, by default, the starter cannot be credited with a win unless he pitches at least 5 innings.

What was the longest Chicago Cubs game ever?

It may have been May 17, 1927. The Cubs beat the Boston Braves 4-3 on a Charlie Grimm single in 22 innings. Bob Osborn pitches 14 innings of relief work!

How many records does nolan Ryan hold?

Career 1) Most strikeouts - 5714 2) Most walks - 2795 3) Most no hitters thrown - 7 4) Most wild pitches - 274 Single Season 1) Most strikeouts - 383

In fantasy baseball what determines a Quality Start?

A Quality Start is any game in which the starter pitches 6 innings or more while giving up 3 or fewer ER.

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