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Q: What is the most penalized team in the nhl in 2016?
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Who is the most penalized team in the NHL?

I believe that was the flyers

Who is the most penalized player in nhl history?

Tiger Williams; 3966 PIM Regular Season and 4421 PIM w/ Playoffs.

Whick NHL team has one the most championships?

The Montreal Canadiens won the most championships in the NHL.

NHL team has sold the most jerseys?


What NHL team fights the most?

Washington capitals

Which NHL team has sold the most merchandise worldwide?


Most poular NHL team?

Detroit Red wings

Most profitable team in the NHL in 2009?

maple leafs

Which nhl team has the most wins?

Montreal Canadiens with 24

What NHL team has wan the most Stanley Cups?


What NHL team won most championships?

Montreal Canadiens

Who is the most expensive team in the NHL?

Detroit Red Wings