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In the NFL, that was 64 against the Buffalo Bills in an AFC wildcard playoff game on December 30, 1995. He completed 33 of those passes for 422 yards and threw 2 TDs and 3 INTs in a Dolphins 37-22 loss.

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Q: What is the most pass attempts in a game for Dan Marino?
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Most pass attempts in NFL game?

70 by Drew Bledsoe

Most pass attempts in college football game?

83 by Drew Brees of Purdue

Who has the most pass attempts in a Super Bowl? records indicate that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has the poss pass attempts (career) in Super Bowl play. He has made 156 pass attempts in 4 Super Bowls. The record book indicates that Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly holds the single game record, with 58 pass attempts in Super Bowl XXVI.

How many yards did Dan Marino pass for in his last football game?

On January 2, 2000 in his last regular season game Dan threw for 118 yards in 11 completions with 24 attempts. On January 15, 2000 in his last post-season game Dan threw for 95 yards in 11 completions with 25 attempts. Both of those answers are correct

Who has the most pass attempts in a super bowl without a touchdown pass?

Terry Collins

Who caught dan marino's first pass?

Dan marino

What lion quarterback had 62 pass attempts in one game?

Matthew Stafford

What is the NFL rookie single game pass attempts record?

Bruce lee

Who has the most football pass attempts without a touch down pass in a Super Bowl?

Kerry Collins

Is Peyton Manning the quarter back with the most passes completed?

No, I believe that would be Mr. Dan Marino. Most prolific passer in NFL history - career statistics include 4,967 completions, 8,358 attempts for 61,361 yards.Peyton's carreer stats-3,131 completions, 4,890 attempts for 37,586 yards. Peyton may overtake Marino at some point, but not today.Actually,Most pass completions, career: 6,300, Brett Favre, 1992-2010Most pass attempts, career: 10,169 Brett Favre, 1991-2010Most passing yards, career 71,838 Brett Favre 1992-2010Most pass completions, season: 450, Peyton Manning, 2010Source: List of National Football League records

Who has the 2nd most pass attempts in the Super Bowl?

John Elway

Who threw the most passes in an NFL game?

As of the 2007 season, the NFL record for pass attempts in a game is held by Drew Bledsoe of the New England Patriots who threw 70 passes in a game against the Minnesota Vikings in 1994.

Who did Dan Marino surpass to claim the record for the most career pass completions?

Fran Tarkenton who had 3,686 career completions. Marino passed him in the 1995 season.

What super bowl QB had the least pass attempts will still winning the game?

Doug Martin.

Who has the most pass attempts in a Super Bowl without a TD?

Kerry Collins

Who has the most super bowl passing attempts with out throwing a touchdown pass?

tony eason

Who has the most career super bowl pass attempts without a touchdown?

Kerry Collins

Record for attempts and completions for drew bledsoe?

Patriots QB Drew Bledsoe set single game NFL records for pass attempts (70) and completions (45) in a overtime game in 1994 against the Minnesota Vikings. The Patriots won that game 26-20.

What NFL team holds the least sack record?

The fewest sacks allowed by a team in an NFL season is 7 by the 1988 Miami Dolphins. Dan Marino was sacked 6 times in 606 pass attempts that season.

What Dallas Cowboys Player intercepted the most pass attempts during the 1970s?

Cliff Harris.

What quarterback has thrown the most pass attempts without an touchdown in a Super Bowl?

Kerry Collins

Who has the most total super bowl pass attempts without throwing a touchdown?

Kerry Collins

How many chances you get to pass drivers license?

In most countries there is no limit to the number of attempts you can make

How do you calculate Average Yards Per Pass Attempt?

Take the number of pass attempts and divide into the number of passing yards. A quarterback who threw 25 passes and had 230 passing yards in a game has an average yards per pass attempt of 9.2 for the game.

Which quaterback has the most career pass attempts in Super Bowl History?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, that is Tom Brady of the New England Patriots with 156 pass attempts. John Elway of the Denver Broncos in second with 152.