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However many times you actually make it over the net.

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Q: What is the most number of times a volleyball can be hit over the net?
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What are the most times a team can touch the ball before it goes over the net?

One team can only hit the volleyball three times to get it over the net.

How many times can a volleyball be volleyed?

3 times then u have to send it over the net

What is the difference between unlimited hit volleyball and volleyball?

unlimited hit you can hit it on your side as many times as needed. in normal volleyball you can only hit it 3 times and it needs to go over. usually a bump, set and a spike.

In a game volleyball the maximum number of hits a team may have before they send the ball over the net is?

The maximum amount of time you" can" hit the ball before it has to go over the net is 3 times.

How many times are volleyball teams allowed to touch the ball before hitting the ball over the net?

3 times

How many hits does each team has to get the ball over the net in volleyball?

only 3 times

How many hits are you allowed maximum in volleyball before your team loses the ball?

Your team can hit the volleyball three times before it goes over the net.

Is it possible to score a point in volleyball by reaching over the net?

No, you can not reach over the net in volleyball. You may get away with it once in a while if you've got a new not very expierenced referee. but 9 out of 10 times you will get caught.

What is the maximum number of passes before the ball must be sent over the net in a volleyball game?


How many times can you serve volleyball?

In youth wreck, you can serve three times before the ball is handed over to the other team. I think in middle school, high school, and select volleyball, you can serve until you mess up.

Volleyball net is used for?

Volleyball ( ) ( ) ( * - * ) ( ' ) ( ' ) ( " )( " ) <---- FAT BUNNY WABITT

What is the meaning of spiking in volleyball?

To spike a volleyball is to jump and hit it over the net

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