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six goals

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Q: What is the most number of goals scored by one player in a single period of hockey?
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Why cant a player wear 0 or 00 in hockey?

because it is not a number and if that #0 or 00 scored he ref can't say 0 or 0 scored and in all hockey leagues 0 and 00 number are banned this is my anwer from: carry price NHL montreal goalie

Has a hockey player ever scored a goal in every game for the season?

No, no NHL player has ever scored a goal in every game of the season.

What hockey player scored the most goals in 2008 and 2009 in the NHL?


What is five goals scored by one player in ice hockey called?


What swedish hockey player scored 50 goals in a season?

haken loob

What NHL hockey player has scored the most goals?

Wayne Gretzky has scored the most NHL goals. He has 894 goals.

Who is the most famous women field hockey player?

Ira Wiener is the most famous women field hockey player. She scored an average of 3.7 PPG.

Most goals scored by a Blackhawk hockey player?

Bobby Hull - 604 goals

What is the record for most goals scored in NHL hockey?

243 goals scored in NHL hockey

What is a pure hat trick in ice hockey?

A "natural" hat trick occurs when a player scores three consecutive goals. The goals do not have to be scored in one period, but they cannot be interrupted by goals from the player's teammates or opponents.

Which hockey player holds the record for most points scored in his career?

Marthin Luther King

Most goals in a hockey game by a player?

The most goals scored in a single hockey game by a player was 7 goals. This record is held by Joe Malone. He scored 7 goals on January 31st 1920 while playing for the Hamilton tigers.

What is the average number of goals scored in a game in the National Hockey league?

Around three or four.

What does - mean in ice hockey statistics?

The minus sign in hockey means that a player was on the ice when a goal was scored against his/her team. Golies do not receive a +/- rating.

How are assists determined in hockey?

== == If player number 11 has scored a goal , after he got a pass from player number 34, who got a pass from player number 10, numbers 34 and 10 will a point for an "assist" on the goal. The player who scored the goal gets a point for scoring it. The players goals and assists are part of their "personal season records" not the team's record. The NHL has a trophy for the top goal scorer.

Most goals scored in a hockey game by one player?

Alexander Ovechcin(2006 6 goals)

What is a mule trick?

In hockey, a Mule Trick is five goals scored by the same player in one game.

Who Has scored a hat trick in three game in a row?

The Wallingford Hawks youth hockey player #55 did.

Who is the hockey player that scored more goals than any one in one season?

The great one

Most goals scored by a team in the shortest period of time in a National Hockey League game?

3 in 45 seconds

Which player has scored most number of goals?


What is the highest number of goals scored in a single hockey match?

The record for most goals by a team belongs to Pakistan, beating the Maccao 58-0 at the 1989. The record for the most number of goals scored in a single hockey match belongs to Shahbaz Senior, who scored eighteen (18) goals in the above match.

What hockey player scored 3 goals in 1 game?

MANY MANY players have scored 3 goals in a game. It's called a "hat trick."

How many points are scored in hockey when a goal is made?

In field hockey for every goal scored that team gets 1 point

What was the most points scored in a game by a BlackHawk Hockey Player?

The answer is 7 by Grant Mulvey on February 3rd, 1982. He scored 5 goals and had 2 assists that night.