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In the NBA.

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Q: What is the most grammatically correct way of describing an NBA player in the NBA of the NBA or with the NBA?
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Is most friendly grammatically correct?

No-the friendliest

Is this grammatically correct - He is their most targeted receiver.?


Is 'It is my most favourite place' grammatically correct?

No. It is my favorite place is the correct spelling. Most is implied in favorite.

Is most sweetest grammatically correct?

No, it is not. It would be either most sweet, or sweetest.

Which is grammatically correct 'on what date' or 'on which date'?

They are both somewhat correct, but 'on what date' is the most used one.

Check if sentence is grammatically correct-Terrorism has no religion?

correct. but one religon seems to have the most terrorists.

Is this sentence grammatically correct My family is one of the most important aspects in my life?


Can we say one of the most cutest?

Yes, you can say that in correct English. One of the most cutest is grammatically correct.

Is have well and a grammatically correct phrase?

"have well and" can be a grammatically correct phrase only if the word "and" is followed by another adverb, with "well and truly" probably being the most common. In fact this phrase is so common that it is best avoided as a cliche.

What statement is grammatically correct I do agree with you or I agree with you?

Both are correct: "I agree with you" would be used most often, but "I do agree with you" could be used for emphasis.

Is it grammatically correct to say 'where are you from?

Yes. Many people think there is a rule against ending a sentence with a preposition. If that were true, then it would not be grammatically correct to say, "Where are you from?" However, most grammarians do not think there is such a rigid rule. Although you could avoid the preposition at the end by saying "From where are you?", that is not how people actually speak and write English. So most would say that it is perfectly correct to say, "Where are you from?"

Is this sentence grammatically correct - The winner is you?

It doesn't look grammatically correct, but not everything that is correct looks that way. When you break the sentence apart, there is nothing missing. It has a subject and a predicate. Although "You are the winner" may be more appealing to most people, I do not believe there is anything grammatically incorrect with your example, as ugly as it may sound. It is correct. You can be be a subject or an object pronoun. subject - You are the winner! object - The winner is you!

Is most safest grammatically correct?

No it is redundant. The comparative and superlative of "safe" are "safer" and "safest". The "most" is unneccesary. You would write or say simply "the safest".

Is chat to you grammatically correct?

Most of the time it is not because people like to be quick and insted of saying 'are' they would say 'R'.

What is the superlative degree of lively?

The superlative degree of "lively" is "liveliest". This is equivalent to the alternative "most lively". Both are grammatically correct.

Is Dennis' or Dennis's correct?

Both forms are acceptable. Traditionally, the former has been used in the past, while the latter form is now more grammatically correct, according to most sources.

Is the sentence grammatically correct Nathan is the person whom you would most like to have on your team?

NO... it should be IS Nathan the person whom you would most like to have on your team?

Is it grammatically correct to say most preferable?

Yes, most preferable is the superlative form of the adjective preferable; the comparative is more preferable.

Is the sentence grammatically correct Nathan is the person that I would most like to have on your team?

I'm not completely sure but I think No, you would not say most like since it is talking about someone else's team.

Is it grammatically to say the most advanced?


What is correct grammar most proud or proudest?

"Proudest" Is a real word, a superlative of "proud" and both are correct. Although choosing between the two is a matter of preference, the phrase "most prideful" is also used when describing arrogance in a person.

Which airline allows you to bring a bird?

Most airlines will let you put your bird in the hold of the aircraft, but most airlines do not let you bring it into the cabin. Please make your questions more grammatically correct as well.

Is it grammatically correct to say most best or most tallest etc?

No. If something is the best, or is the tallest, then it's the reached the highest ranking (if you will) in that regard. So saying that something is the most best makes no sense, as only 1 item can be the best.

Is it grammatically correct to say what and not pardon?

They are both grammatically correct as shortened forms for: What did you say? Pardon me, I did not hear that. or Pardon me, can you please repeat that. Only in the most casual settings should you use the shortened form, in any other setting, public, professional, etc. you should use the complete sentence, whichever one you choose.

What is the Latin translation of 'A kiss of lovers is a moment of total happiness' and 'Kisses of lovers is a moment of total happiness' and what will be the most grammatically correct?

Basium amatorum momentum laetitiae totalis est. - A kiss of lovers is a moment of total happiness. (more grammatically correct) Basia amatorum momentum laetitae totalis est. - Kisses of lovers is a moment of total happiness.

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