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11- agains Calgary

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Q: What is the most goals the canucks have scored in a single game?
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What is the most goals scored by Vancouver Canucks in a game?

I think 8???

The Canucks have 153 goals in the second period of the game Canucks vs Calgary 2010-2011?

They could never of scored that many goals in one game.

Which team has scored the most goals in a single game?

The hockey team which has scored the most goals in a single game is the Montreal Canadians. They scored sixteen goals against the Quebec Bulldogs in 1920.

Who scored 6 goals in a single game in the premierleague?

No individual has scored 6 goals in one game in Premier League era (4 players have scored 5)

What are the most goals Cristiano Ronaldo has scored in a game?

9 goals in a single match

Most goals scored by a single player in a football game?


What is the most goals a kid has scored in one soccer game?

I have socorred 17 goals in a single soccer game

What is the most goals scored in one game by the Vancouver canucks in the 1969-1970 whl season?

The Canucks are an NHL franchise. They never played in the WHL which is a Major Junior league (part of the CHL).

What is the single game record for most goals by a player in a canucks game?

4 goals...this happened twice. The last time was Markus Naslund December 9, 2003.

What is the most goals scored in a premier league game?

The most goals scored in a single game is 11; 29-Sep-2007 : Portsmouth 7 - 4 Reading.

Has any player scored 5 goals in a Champions League match?

No no footballer yhas scored five goals in a single champion league game.

Most goals in a hockey game by a player?

The most goals scored in a single hockey game by a player was 7 goals. This record is held by Joe Malone. He scored 7 goals on January 31st 1920 while playing for the Hamilton tigers.

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