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In round 12 1919 South Melbourne kicked 17 goals in the final quarter. This is the most by any team in one quarter.

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2012-04-26 02:27:50
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Q: What is the most goals kicked in an AFL game in one quarter?
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Who kicked the most goals in an AFL quarter?

Think it was big Mick Nolan

What is the most goals kicked in an AFL game by a single player?

Fred Fanning kicked 18 goals, 1 behind in 1947 Jason Dunstall kicked 17.5 goals in 1992 Laurie Nash: Back in the 1934, when interstate carnivals were played in state versus state format, Laurie Nash, playing for Victoria, kicked 18 goals in a single game. Yet he did not play the full game on the forward line! At quarter time, he replaced the injured Bob Pratt at full forward, having played the first quarter at centre-half-back.

What is the most goals a afl side has kicked in one game?

39 goals by geelong

What was the most goals Tony modra kicked in one game?

13 goals, and I think he did this on two occasions

What is the most field goals ever kicked in a game?

6 by Rob Bironas

What kicker kicked the most game winning field goals?

-Adam Vinatieri has a total of about 26 game winning field goals(including the postseason.)

Most goals kicked in a game of AFL?

17 goals is the most kicked by an individual player in an AFL (Australian Football League) match. This effort by Jason Dunstall (Hawthorn) occurred in match versus Richmond in 1992.

Most goals kicked in an Aussie rules game by a single player?

Fred Fanning (Melbourne) has kicked the most goals in a VFL/AFL match with 18 and 1 behind against St Kilda in Round 17, 1947.The game was his last VFL/AFL appearance.

Who has kicked the most goals?

tony lockett

Who kicked the most afl goals in 2007?

Jonathan Brown for the Brisbane Lions won the Coleman Medal for kicking the most goals in 2007. He kicked 77 goals total.

AFL most goals by a player in a game?

Laurie Nash: In an interstate match against South Australia in 1934, Laurie Nash kicked 18 goals, despite having played the first quarter as centre-half-back! Also, Fred Fanning, 1947 kicked 18 goals and 1 behind, in a regular AFL-VFL inter-club match. He remains the record holder to this day.

Who in Aussie rules has kicked the most goals in a single game without a behind?

Tony Lockett. 16 goals for Sydney versus Fitzroy in Round 19 1995.

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