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39 goals by geelong

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2009-08-29 11:08:54
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Q: What is the most goals a afl side has kicked in one game?
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Most goals kicked in an AFL game by a single player in a losing side?

12 goals by a Fitzroy full forward in 1976. They lost 21.9.134(Fitzroy) to 21.12.137 (Geelong)

Which side has conceded the most goals in a 38 game season?

Derby County 89 in 2007-08 season they also were relegated with the lowest number of points 11

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How has scored the most goals for manchestrer city?

Eric Brook, who played for Manchester City between 1928 and 1940, scored 177 goals for the side.

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Which player scored the most goals for the Dutch football team?

As of 2011, the record holder for the greatest number of goals scored for the Dutch national football team is Patrick Kluivert, who has scored 40 goals for the side.

Who was the last football league side to score ten goals in one game?

gillingham beat chesterfield 10-0 in the early eighties

What is the most goals scored in a professional soccer game by one player?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is 16 goals.Panagiotis Pontikos (striker for "Olympos Xylofagou" in Greece) banged in 16 goals against SEK Ayios Athanasios FC, as his team won 24-3 in a Cypriot third division game on May 7, 2007.Stephan Stanis scored 16 goals for his side Racing Club in a French Cup match against the Aubry Asturies in December, 1942.

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Who has scored 6 goals but was on the losing side?

no one

Who is the most succesful football team in England?

Liverppol Fc are the most successful club side in the history of the game

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