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Q: What is the most games ever played in an nhl playoff season?
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Has any basketball team won all playoff games in a season?

no team has ever won all playoff their playoff games in one season

Which NHL team has played the most games without winning the Stanley Cup?

Counting playoff games, the St. Louis Blues have played the most games in the NHL without ever winning a Stanley Cup. Including playoffs, the Blues have played 3,640 games, 3,342 not counting playoffs. The Los Angeles Kings joined the NHL with St. Louis and have also not won a Stanley Cup. They've played more regular season games -- 3,360 -- but have only appeared in 149 playoff games, for a total of 3,509. The Buffalo Sabres started play in the NHL in 1970, and have only played in 3,198 regular season games.

Was there ever more than 162 major league baseball games per year?

It's happened many times. Whenever two teams finish the season tied and a playoff spot is at stake, eithe ra 1-game (AL) or 3-game (NL) playoff series is played which count as regular season games to settle the tie. For example, Maury Wills played 165 games in 1962 - all 162 regularly scheduled games, then all 3 of the playoff series that was necessary when the Dodgers ended up tied with the Giants. Ties also count as official games and can add to the 162.

Has there ever been a time that overtime was not used in pro football?

Overtime was implemented in the 1974 season for regular season games. Before that there was no overtime to break a tie in a regular season game. Of course, playoff games have always had overtime.

What is the lowest tiebreaker ever used in the NFL to decide a playoff spot?

Net touchdowns scored in all regular season games.

What is the most goals ever scored in a season by Paul Coffey?

48 in the '85-86 Season with the Edmonton Oilers. In the same season, he also had a career high 90 assists the same year. In the same season, he also played in 10 playoff games, with one goal and 9 assists.

Has the raiders ever played the patriots in the Super Bowl?

No. Both teams are in the same conference. They have played three times in conference playoff games.

Did the ny giants ever win a game against the 49er's?

The Giants lead the Niners in regular-season games 14-13 but the Niners lead in playoff games 4-3.

Was evgeni malkin ever mvp?

He was the playoff mvp for the 2009 season

Who played the most hockey games ever?

Gordie Howe - 1,767 regular season games.

What was the most games ever played by an nba team in one season?

An NBA team plays 82 games per season, but including the post season they could play as much as 110 games.

Who played the most games in mlb history without appearing in the post season?

Ernie Banks of the Chicago Cubs played in a record 2528 reguar season games (1954-1971) without ever appearing in a post season game.

How many playoff games did Bart Starr win?

Nine.He only ever lost one playoff game.

How many wins did the Miami Dolphins have in 1972?

They won all games becoming the only nfl team ever to make a perfect season. They won all 14 regular Season games and all 3 Playoff Games including Superbowl VII (against the Redskins 14-7)... a total record of 17-0

Has any NBA team won all their playoff games?

No, nobody has ever won all there playoff games in just 1 year. The Lakers were 15-1 in 2001 playoffs.

Which mlb player has played in the most regular season games ever?

Pete Rose - 3,562.

When was the first playoff game ever played in Foxboro?

December 31,1978

If i buy playoff tickets what happens if the game isn't ever played?

they're refunded.

Who has the most playoff games wins ever for which coach?

Phil Jackson with 179.

When was the last time the Ravens beat New England Patriots?

The Ravens' 2009 playoff win was their first ever over New England. In the regular season the Patriots and the Ravens have played 5 times. The Patriots have won all five games, including todays game 10/4/09.

How many home games have the Chicago Bears ever played at Wrigley Field?

The Chicago Bears played their first 50 seasons (1920-1970) at Wrigley Field. Number of games is tough considering games per-season spanned from 12 to 14. 1970 was the last season they played there.

Did Mike Modano ever wear number 39 if even for a brief moment at the start of his career?

Yes he did. He wore #39 in a pre season game in 1988 vs Dynamo Riga. It was his first game ever if you count pre season and he then went back to play one more year of junior. Dennis Maruk wore #9 with the North Stars at the time. Maruk only played 6 games with them that season and then retired. Modano returned to Minnesota to play in 2 playoff games against the Blues that season and wore #9 as a North Star for the first time since it was now vacant.

Did the Washington Redskins ever play a playoff game at home?

MANY, including their most recent game against Seattle after the 2012 season.

Has there ever been a score of 12-11 in a NFL game?

Not in a regular season game or playoff game through 2009.

Has any pitcher ever won 4 games in a single playoff series?

Not through the 2011 MLB season ... the most is 3 and has been done by many pitchers. Through 2011, only 16 pitchers have won 4+ games in a playoff season. Randy Johnson of the 2001 Diamondbacks and Francisco Rodriguez of the 2002 Anaheim Angels won 5. Fourteen other pitchers have won 4, the last being Chris Carpenter of the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals.