What is the most friendly race?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Q: What is the most friendly race?
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Are nerds friendly?

Most of us are rather friendly.

What airport has the most friendly people?

Spain has the most friendly people in the airport and st.vincent and the Grenadines located in the caribbean , west indies has the most friendly airport

Are tribes friendly?

I think some of them are friendly and some of them are not so friendly.but most of them are friendly.

What is the nature of people in South America?

Every country on the continent has a different race and mixture of people. Most are friendly and welcoming - some cities are dangerous - but in general people's nature is good.

If there were werewolves could they become friendly most of the time?

yes most of us are friendly to people

What are the superlative degrees of friendly?

Friendlier or more friendly are the comparatives, and friendliest or most friendly are the superlatives.

Are greek people friendly?

There are bad apples in any race of people. Greek people have a reputation for being very generous and friendly.

What is the worlds most famous boat race?

The Cambridge and oxford boat race is the most famous race

What does hitter friendly?

Hitter-friendly means most hits or something like that.

Are some killer whales friendly?

most killer whales are not but some can be friendly

What brand of DVR is the most user friendly?

TiVo makes the DVR with the most widely recognized user-friendly interface.

Who is the most friendly people?

the most friendly people are those people who dont act diffrent around other people