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Hitting a white ball over a net

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Q: What is the most frequently used skill in the game of volleyball?
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Who was the most useful player in the game of volleyball?

every player is needed

Could you find a copy of a volleyball scorebook that was kept during a volleyball match?

They do save records for each volleyball game. So if you were to ask for a copy, you would most likely get one.

What sports require skill?

AnswerI personally think that Volleyball requires more explosiveness, vertical, and arm strength. In basketball you are able to take a couple people off the street and put a game together (they will somewhat know what they are doing). Volleyball you cannot do this because Volleyball requires more skill to play the basic game and is a much more mental game than basketball. Also in Volleyball you can't just pass it off to another player on your team if your not good, Volleyball you have to take it if it comes your way. Hope this helped.

What is point in volleyball?

volley ball is a verry famous game and most people play it as hobbies

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Whose descision is final in volleyball?

The referee in Volleyball has the final say on out/in. They have 25 hand signals at the ready to make the most accurate decision when in a Volleyball game. There is the 1st Referee, 2nd Referee and the Linesmen which contribute to the decision whether it's in or out.

What countries is volleyball populary?

Volleyball is most popular in countries around the United States as the game has originated from there. Although the sport is popular in Russia, China, Japan and mainly all over Europe.

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It is a game of skill, you need to learn basic strategies and then you can be successfull. You can learn most about poker and how to win in it at Poker Strategy site, you can find the link below:

What is Americas most spiked sport?

Volleyball ofcourse> Volleyball ofcourse>

Who are the most prominent volleyball players?

Henriette Weersing is the prominent volleyball player.

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