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Q: What is the most foul balls in one at bat in MLB?
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What is the Most possible number of pitches in an at bat with no foul balls?


What dodger player hit the most foul balls at one at bat?

ron cey

Who in recent history has hit the most foul balls in one up at bat?

At a High school softball game and the batter hit 21 foul balls in 26 pitches. She then walked.

How many strikes or balls will you get in a softball game?

In an at bat a batter as to get 4 balls before they walk. A walk meaning they get to be on first base. In a at bat where there are no foul balls they batter gets three strikes before they are out. If there are foul balls they count as pitches, but a batter can not strike out on a foul ball that is not caught.

Who hit the most foul balls in one at bat?

I was a kid in during the Big Red Machine years. I used to watch all the games I could. Tony Perez, 1st baseman, was said to have had the most foul balls in one at bat. At that time 76-77, he had 26. Not sure if that stil stands but if anyone knows of more please contribute.

Is foul ball counted as a strike?

It depends on how the game is being played. Most of the time, foul balls don't count as a strike; you can hit a ton of foul balls while you're up to bat and it won't matter. If you're playing a strict game of baseball, though, if you go up to bat and hit two foul balls, they count as strikes. Then, if you miss the ball or whatever, that would be your third strike. And you're out. :) Foul balls count as strikes when every the batter does not have two strikes, once a batter gets two strikes foul balls are no longer counted as strikes.

What is the record for foul balls hit consecutively in a major league baseball game?

in 1946 Sam Hernandaze hit a total of 25 foul balls in one at bat

What is the record for number of foul balls hit during one at bat for the Detroit Tigers?


What are a bat boys responsibilities?

to retrieve the bats after a hitter hits, and sometimes chase foul balls

In a major league baseball game how many foul balls are you allowed at bat?

Unlimited number of foul balls. They all count as strikes until you have 2 strikes, then they don't mean a thing...

What is the most used bat in MLB?

Louisville Slugger !!!

What is the most popular bat in MLB?

louisville slugger

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