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Q: What is the most favorite sport survey?
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Related questions

What should you do for a survey?

Favorite dessert, ice cream, candy, sport team, state, sport to play, sport to watch, etc.

What is bias in sampling?

a person taking a survey to find the percent of sport fans who chose baseball as their favorite sport might get a biased sample

What is the second most popular Us sport?

The sport behind the most favorite U.S. sport and the one ahead of the third favorite U.S. sport. I like pie.

What is the most boring sport on earth?

I've done a survey this month and people chose for the most boring sport was: golf. :p

Most favorite sport played in the US?

Baseball used to be the favorite sport played and watched in the US but now football is the most-watched sport, while BASKETBALL reigns supreme in terms of MOST PLAYED.

What is the most dangerous sport according to government survey?

Hockey or Mountain Climbing

What is the most favourite sport?

The world's favorite sport is undoubtedly soccer

What is Chile's favorite sport?

Chile's most popular sport is soccer.

What is the most favorite professional sport in the US?


What is Jaden Smith's favorite sport?

Jaden Smith's favorite sport is up to him, but he enjoys Basketball in his most recent movie, "The Karate Kid."

What is Englands favorite sport?

England's most popular participant sport is fishing (if you class fishing as a sport).. The most popular spectator sport is probably football.

What is the most popular favorite sport in UK?

the most popular favourite sport in the U.K. is football and cricket.

What is Romania's favorite sport or pastime?

Football is the most appreciated sport in Romania.

Favorite sport in Canada?

The most popular sport in Canada is ice hockey.

What is Icelands favorite or main sport?

The most popular sport in Iceland is handball.

What is Obama's family favorite sport?

michelles obamas whole family favorite sport is swimming,and most favorite is playing tennise her favorite food is Mexican food and drink water.

What was Bruno Mars favorite sport as a kid?

bruno mars favorite sport he likes playing most is basketball,football and soccer

What is England's favorite sport?

football. well, really cricket is the national sport. Football (aka Soccer) is known to be the most popular sport in England. Favorite Sport= Football; National sport= Cricket

What is the worlds most popular winter sport?

Most people think skiing is the best and favorite winter sport

Most popular sport in Puerto Rico?

The favorite sport is soccer.But the national is baseball.

How did cricket get Pakistan's most popular sport?

There is no doubt in it that Cricket is the most popular and favorite sport of Pakistanis. It got popular and boom when Pakistan won 1992 world cup. Since then, it's the most favorite sport of all times for all Pakistanis.

What is the most favorite sport?

It appears that soccer is the most viewed internationally

What sport get paid most?

basketball is a good sport my favorite one but soccer gets paid most. then baseballl then football.

What is the most favorite sport in Kenya?

Soccer is the most popular sport played in Kenya.It was introduced by the British in the 20th century .

What is the favorite sport on the US?

Football is the most popular.