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Q: What is the most famous resource of Argentina?
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Who is most famous in Argentina?

The presentdent

What is Argentina's most famous sport?


A famous footballer from Argentina?

There are several famous footballers from Argentina. One of the most famous footballer players is Abel Balbo. Another famous player is Adrian Caceres.

What are the most famous sports in Argentina?

the falklands marathon

What is a famous plain that covers most of Argentina?


What is the most famous valley in Argentina?

valley forge

Who is the most famous Argentine singer?

Picking out the most famous singer from Argentina is difficult, as the singing talent in Argentina is everywhere. The most popular singer seems to be Patricio Sardelli from the band Airbag.

Does Argentina have any famous Olympians?

Yes it does. Most country do

Who was most famous woman president of Argentina?

Cristina Kirchner

Most famous geographical features of Argentina?

Iguazu Falls

Who is the most famous boxer in Argentina?

pascual Perez or carlos monzon.

Why is Argentina famous?

Argentina is famous for its tango music and melancholy rhythms.