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The most famous Christmas Ballet is the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky.

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Q: What is the most famous Christmas ballet of all time?
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What is the full name of a famous christmas ballet?

One of the most famous ballet performed around Christmas time is 'The Nutcracker'.

Which is the most famous Christmas ballet of all time?

The Nutcracker

What chrsitmas ballet is the most famous of all time?

Probably the Nutcracker

The most popular classical ballet around Christmas time?

"The Nutcracker" by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky.

When is ballet performed?

Ballet can be preformed any time during the year. The most popular time is Christmas time. During Christmas a bunch of people go see The Nutcracker. I know that Southland Ballet Academy does a great Nutcracker. (In California) You can really see a couple ballets(4) throughout the year.

Who are the most famous Christmas legends?

The most famous Christmas legends are Jesus Christ, Saint Nicolas, Sviata Vechera. They are passed down by the people from time to time, so they became legends.

What is the most popular ballet preforms around Christmas time?

in it's a Wonderful life how do they know how a angel gets it's wings

Who is one of the most famous ballet dancers?

Evylen Cisinerous a Mexican dancer in her dancing time Evylen Cisinerous a Mexican dancer in her dancing time

What is the traditional ballet performed around Christmas time each year?

The Nutcracker. It is always being played around Christmas time and it is very traditional!

What chritsmas ballet is the most famous of all?

Probably The Nutcracker. Most people have at least heard of it, and there are performances of it all the time. However, it actually flopped in its first performance.

What is the renaissance ballet?

renaissance ballet is ballet in the renaissance time.

Most heard Christmas carol at Christmas time?

The most popular Christmas song is probably Jingle Bells .(:

Who made ballet dance?

No one knows who made ballet. All people know are tales about who created ballet. All that most people know is that it was invented a long time ago.

What is the name of the famous snowman during Christmas time?

Chuck Norris.

What is the most wonderful time of the year?

the most wonderful time of the year is Christmas!

What is the most common Christmas carol that people sing at Christmas time?

twelve dats of Christmas

What is a ballet dad?

A ballet dad is a man with school-aged children, most likely girls, who spends time transporting them between any of a group of school activities, including ballet dancing.

What time does walgreen open after Christmas?

most stores will open Christmas day at 9 am. After Christmas they do open at 7 am regular time

Where can one find the famous Charlie Brown Christmas song online?

The Charlie Brown Christmas album can be found from stores and retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and inSound. It is among one of the most popular Christmas albums of all time.

What sports do Australia at Christmas time?

Cricket is one of the most popular Australian sports at Christmas time.

What Christmas song is the most sold single of all time?

White Christmas

Did Selena Gomez take ballet classes?

Well, I doubt it, she may have. But she was famous as a child, so she probably didn't have time.

Which Christmas song holds the credit as the most-selling Christmas song of all time?

White Christmas

What do ballet performers wear on stage?

Girls wear tutus,and boys wear tunics most of the time. But ballet dancers can wear lots of things onstage.

What does the Grinch hate most about Christmas?

Noise, noise, noise at Christmas time!The singing