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Wayne Gretzky rookie card

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Q: What is the most exspensive hockey card?
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Who makes the most expensive hockey gloves?

Warrior makes the most exspensive golves. The warrior franchise are the most exspensive

What is the most valuble hockey card?

in my opinion the most valuable hockey card would be rocket Richard 's rookie card

What is the most exspensive yu-gi-oh card?

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How do you read the back of a hockey card?

Most hockey cards are printed in english and french, if you know how to read english or french you can read any hockey card.

What do the symbols on a hockey card stand for?

Well there are two 2 different symbols on a hockey card most of the time. on the front of the card is the Team logo and the card manufacturer Logo, these two logos will be on the back as well.

What is the most valuable hockey card in the 80?

Mario Lemieux RC

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What is the value of a 1960-61 parkhurst Terry Sawchuk hockey card 31?

The value of a 1960-61 Parkurst Terry Sawchuk hockey card 31 is actually dependent upon a number of factors. Most importantly, the condition of the card.

What is the popularity of hockey card collecting?

The popularity of hockey card collecting has gone down over the years, but there are still conventions and shows. I'm a hockey card collector myself and I highly recommend it to all hockey fans.

What is the most expensive hockey card?

The older hockey cards like mabey Wayne gretzgy or bobby orr like those kind!

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Who is the most expensive hockey card?

Bobby Orr topps test usa rookie card #35 - approx value $8000.00 plus!

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How much is a Hockey card?

Hockey cards can be worth up to 1cent to 8000$ it really depends on the Year, the hockey player, rarity, condition and supply and demand of the card.

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What is the value of a martin brodeur hockey card?

well it depends on what card it is and in what condition it is in and to find out look it up in bekket hockey

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