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The most expensive jersey has to be the throwback jersey of Bob Griese

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Q: What is the most expensive throwback football jersey?
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What is the most expensive football jersey of all time?

oj sioson

What is the most popular MLB throwback jersey?

Mickey Mantle

What is the most popular NHL throwback jersey?

the Toronto shamarocks

What is the world's most expensive football boot?

There may be a more expensive cleat out there but if you are refering to American football and not soccer one of most expensive would be the Total 90 Laser II made for football.

What football jersey are most popular?

Man u

Who most expensive football's surname?

It is Ronaldo.

Who is the most expensive forward in football?


What is the most expensive hockey jersey?

A normal not signed or anything Jersey in the Vancouver Canucks Shop is $219.99. That's got to be the most expensive anywhere! People who buy them must be fools. I cant understand it.

Why jets colors were different?

The New York Jets colors are different twice a year because they wear throwback jerseys. This is common for most NFL football teams.

What is a performance jersey vs a swingman jersey?

swingman has 1 layer of stitching usually made by nike, and authentic have multiple layer stitching usually made by rebok or mitchell and ness

Most expensive young transfers in football?

Wayne rooney

The most expensive football cup in the world?

Brazil for sure!