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The most effective way to use a rowing machine is to start at a decent level of resistance, not too high or low. Slowly work on up until greater resistances are atttained, without causing damage.

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Q: What is the most effective way to use a rowing machine?
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Will a rowing machine burn fat?

Only if you use it.

What methods of resistance do rowing machine manufactures use Explain each method?

Air - vanes on a flywheel are slowed by air resistance Water - vanes on a flywheel are slowed by water resistance Magnetic - flywheel on the rowing machine is slowed by force encountered from magnetism Friction - a wheel on the rowing machine is slowed from contact with a pad Hydraulic - resistance is provided by forcing oil through an orifice in a hydraulic cylinder Most 'real' rowing machines use air, some use water, all others are toys or worse (as in the case of hydraulic cylinders)

Where can a V Fit rowing machine be viewed?

If one is looking for a video to demonstrate how to properly use a V fit rowing machine, the best way is YouTube. There are thousands of workout videos available for viewing.

What is the best rowing machine for home use?

Here are the best rowing machines for small spaces: Best Overall: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5801 Best Compact: Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine Best Budget: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 Best Portable: Sunny Health & Fitness NO. 077 Rowing Machine When choosing a rowing machine, think about the size, weight, storage options, and resistance systems. Be sure to read reviews and do your research before making a purchase

How do you exercise without going outside?

You could use an exercise bike, rowing machine or treadmill indoors.

What piece of commercial gym equipment would you recommend for overall fitness use?

For the best overall fitness, using just one machine, the experts say for a non-impact workout an elliptical machine as well as a rowing machine is very effective. A recumbent bike relieves back stress for buyers with back problems.

How many reps should a 20 year old female do on a rowing machine?

I have never used a rowing machine so I have no idea. This is something you should discuss with the gym staff, they should be there to assist you in meeting your training goals and ensuring you know how to use all the equipment properly. you can also sign up for a session with a personal trainer who can help you determine a good training routine using the rowing machine.

How much space will this machine take up in a room?

The manufacturer recommends that you have a 9' by 4' area to use this rowing machine. For storage you need 25" by 33" of floor space.

I go to the gym and I'm 13 I use most of the machines like treadmill rowing machine and others but I dont use weights also I do a lot of their aerobics and abs classes Is this too much?

You should do it at least 3 times a week.

what is the footprint of this machine can it be easily tucked away, when not in use?

The LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 rowing machine is 87" L x 19" W x 23" H, with a 16.5 lb flywheel. The maximum weight for this machine is 300lbs.

What is faster sculling or rowing?

Sculling boats with the same number of people are faster than Rowing (one oar) boats. However the fastest Olympic class boat is the coxed 8 (which is a rowing boat). This is because there is no 8 person sculling boat and the fastest sculling boat is the coxless quad.

Does sweep rowing use the most muscles of any sport?

well tennis might be one of the sports