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Personally the best supplement that i have tried (and continued using) is the 'Anabolic Window' from Nutrabolics.

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Q: What is the most effective protein shakefor bodybuilders?
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What is the daily requirements of protein in foods?

One gram of protein per kilo of bodyweight is about right for most people (those who aren't bodybuilders etc...)

What is the best bodybuilding machine?

The folding weight bench combined with sets of free-weights may be the most effective, practical, and cost-effective solution for bodybuilders. There are dozens of different exercises that one can do with a bench. Bodybuilders gain added versatility at a very low cost.

How effective is the high protein diet?

A high protein diet is most effective in the morning. If you ingest 30 grams of protein in the morning, within 30 minutes of waking up, you will lose the most weight.

What is the most effective protein shake for bodybuilding?

The most effective protein shake for bodybuilding would be using the brand optimum pro. This is a great brand because it really helps you maximize your potential.

What is the quickest most effective way to inactivate Proteinase K?

As with most protein enzymes change the temperature or change the pH significantly.

Where might one find listings for the most popular female bodybuilders?

Listing for the most famous female bodybuilders may be found on Muscle Memory. They have profiles and pictures of each athlete at the prime of their career.

Are most body builders gay?

Gays get attracted to bodybuilders easily and look at all bodybuilders as gays. So in that way it gets mis-propogated as bodybuilders are gays. But a real bodybuilder wont show interest in such matters and will continue to pursue his passion for the sport

Who is Lisa Bavington?

Lisa Bavington is one of Canada's most popular bodybuilders.

How do you know which protein powder will be absolute healthiest and most effective for human health?

Whey protein is amongst the most popular form of proteins when it comes to the body building supplements. The whey protein is actually obtained from the whey, which is a byproduct of the cheese making process.

How many bananas should bodybuilders eat per day?

Yes. Anyone can eat as many bananas per day as they wish, so long as they have the bananas, are hungry, and do not have a medical condition that specifically prohibits bananas or something in them.

Who are the most famous female bodybuilders?

The oldest female bodybuilder is Majorie Newlin. She is 86 years old.

Has Lou Ferrigno taken steroids?

I would say yes he did as most of the bodybuilders of his era did.