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It depends on what position you play, and in what league/ country. In the NBA, the average height is 6 foot 7 inches.

If your wondering what is the ideal height for each position in the NBA, the answer would be:

Point guard- 6'0- 6'5

Shooting guard- 6'5- 6'8

Small forward- 6'7- 6'10

Power forward- 6'9- 6'11

Center- 6'11 and taller.

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Personally, I would say the most DYNAMIC height for an NBA player would be 6'10''. My reasoning behind this would be that a 6'10'' player can play 3 positions efficiently. A 6'10'' SF is a force to be reckoned with, and would easily outmatch a smaller 6'7''/6'8'' SF (ex. Rashard Lewis). The most common position that a 6'10'' would be PF. The average PF height is 6'10'' and would stand a good chance in the post matched up with any other PF, except 7'/7'1'' PF. (Ex. for 6'10'' PF would be Blake Griffin). Lastly, a 6'10'' Center is small, But can still be effective in games. The some athleticism, a 6'10'' C could match up with even some +7' Big men. (Ex. for 6'10'' C would be Al Horford and Anthony Davis)

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Q: What is the most dynamic height for an NBA player?
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