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Depends on what event of Freestyle Skiing it is.

The constant movement of the legs in the Moguls.

The tricks are the hardest in Aerials.

And getting a good start in Ski Cross.

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Q: What is the most difficult part of freestyle skiing?
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Which three events are a part of freestyle skiing?

Aerial skiing Mogul skiing and ski cross

Is freestyle skiing alpine skiing?

It can be. Alpine skiing means downhill skiing while nordic skiing is cross-country skiing. Freestyle is part of alpine, but instead of just going down the mountain freestyle is specifially jumps, grinds tricks etc.

What is the most difficult part of cross country skiing?

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What women's sports are in the winter Olympics?

Biathlon, Figure Skating, Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating, Snow Boarding, Alpine Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Ice Hockey, Curling, Bobsled, Skeleton, and Luge. For the most part, all sports that the men compete in except for Ski Jumping.

When did freestyle skiing become part of the winter Olympics?

Freestyle skiing: which consists of Aerial event mogul event Ski-cross event First started in 1992, with the mogul event for both men and women, although it was demonstrated in 1988's Olympic games. Aerial's event came in 1994 and Ski-cross in 2010.

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