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On November 13, 1965 Leicester City were awarded at least 34 corners in a home match against Manchester United, and still lost 0-5!!

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97 corners Russia vs usa

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Q: What is the most corners gained in 1 soccer match?
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What is the most amount of consecutive corners taken in a soccer match?

7 corners.

What is most watched soccer match ever?

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What was the most goals scored by an individual in a soccer match?

8 I dont no who though

What match has had the most yellow cards in soccer history?

USA vs England joking

Most goals in a soacar match?

The most goals in international soccer was 31-0 when Australia beat American Samoa

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It can be anywhere in a match.....Most notably the end of the game as of the Champions League 2005 and the Champions League 1999.

What does MVP in soccer stand for?

"Most Valuable Player" is an American term, used in the MLS.

Why in soccer do the coaches only make changes in the lineup near the end of a match?

because that's when players are the most tired and its always good to get a new pair of legs