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baseball21 New York Yankees

As of August 9th 2009 2054 hundred hours it is the Boston REDSOX at 26 innings and still counting.

On June 27 2012, the LA Dodgers extended their scoreless streak to 30 innings by losing to the SF Giants by a shutout for the third straight game. The Dodgers next chance to extend their streak comes June 28 2012 vs. the NY Mets.

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Q: What is the most consecutive innings that a major league baseball team has been held scoreless?
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Consecutive scoreless innings for a team?

The Major League Baseball team with the most consecutive scoreless innings is 56 by the Pittsburgh Pirates. They have held that record since 1903.

What is the Longest Scoreless Game in American League History?

21 innings

What is the longest scoreless streak by a major league baseball team?

The Baltimore Orioles shut out five straight games in 1995 and kept the opponents scoreless for 48 innings.

What is the most consecutive innings that a major league baseball team has held opponents scoreless?

NL - 56 - Pittsburgh, June 1 to June 9, 1903. AL - 54 - Baltimore, September 1 to September 7, 1974.

Who has the record for the most career innings in Major League Baseball?

major league baseball for the most career innings?

How many innings are in a little league baseball game?

7 innings:)

How many innings are in little league baseball games?

7 innings:)

What is the record for most consecutive shutout innings pitched by one team?

In 1910 The Portland Beavers won their second Pacific Coast League title, achieving a remarkable record in the process; the Beavers pitchers threw a baseball record 88 consecutive shutout innings.

What is the major league record for most consecutive innings played by a player?

Cal Ripken Jr. played 8243 consecutive innings between June 5, 1982 and September 14, 1987. That is believed to be the record but is unofficial since MLB does not recognize consecutive innings played as a statistic.

What is the major league record for most consecutive innings pitched without giving up a walk?

Bill Fischer of the 1962 Kansas City Athletics holds the MLB and American League record for most consecutive innings pitched with allowing a walk with 84 1/3.Greg Maddux holds the National League record at 72 1/3 consecutive innings pitched without allowing a walk.

How much innings are in a major league baseball game?

7 total innings are in a game altogether

The number of innings in a game?

9 innings in a regulation baseball game. ---------- 9 innings in a professional...Major League and Minor, and in most college games. High School and PONY League games are 7 innings, and Little League (12-and-under) play 6 innings.

How many innings are in a international league baseball game?


How many innings are played in Major League Baseball?


How many innings in little league baseball?

usually 9

How many innings must be played for a major league baseball game to be considered complete?

9 innings

How many innings does the average major league pitcher throw?

5.98 innings per start, or about 6 innings, according to

What was the longest game in major league baseball history?

26 innings

Is there a 10 run rule after 4 innings in major league baseball?


How long does a little league baseball game last?

6 innings.

How many innings are there in a regulation Major League Baseball game?


Are National League baseball games shorter then American League baseball games.?

No, Both American and National league baseball games are 9 innings long

What is the average number of innings pitched per start for a major league pitcher?

5.98 innings, according to

When was it established that there will be 9 innings in a major league baseball game?

It was established that a major league baseball game would be comprised of nine innings by the National Association on March 7th, 1857. It only takes five innings, however, to be counted as an "official" game.

How many innings in baseball mlb?

There are 30 teams. 16 in the National League and 14 in the American League.