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Q: What is the most consecutive free throws made by a male basketball player?
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Who holds the California high school basketball for most consecutive free throws made?

Barrie Eget

Is it legal for a basketball player to shoot free throws underhand?


If a basketball player missed 76 free throws out of 100 what fraction and what percentage of free throws did the player make?

they make 24 out of 100, which is 24%

Who holds the record for most consecutive free throws missed?

Chris Dudley holds the record for most consecutive free throws missed. In April 1990, Dudley missed thirteen consecutive free throws.

What basketball player shot free throws one handed?

Wilt Chamberlain

Do you shoot free throws on player control fouls in high school basketball?


What NBA player holds the record for most consecutive missed free throws?

Chris Dudley

What player has hit the most free throws in ncaa basketball history?

Tyler Hansborough has i do believe.

A basketball player makes 80 percent of his free throws during the regular season consider his 8 free throws what is the probability he will make exactly 6 free throws?

0.7969, 0.3355, 0.2936, 0.1468

What does FTM-A stand for in the stats of basketball?

FTM stands for free throws made. FTA stands for free throws attempted. The stat line shows how many free throws were made and attempted by a player or team.

Who holds record for most consecutive free throws made in ncaa?

Lauren Prohaska, a graduate from Bowling Green University. She made 73 consecutive free throws.

Who holds the record for most free throws made in a row in a season of men's NCAA basketball?

Paul Cluxton holds the record for most consecutive free throws made during 1 season. Made 100% of his free throws (94/94) in 1997 for Northern Kentucky.

Most consecutive free throws by Calvin Murphy?


What does FT in basketball mean?

free throws

A basketball player made 65 free throws during a 2-hour practice.about how many free throws did he makeeach hour?

about 32. that's really good if you can do that

What is the highest number of basketball 'free throws' made by an individual in a NBA game?


What does FTM A stand for in the stats of basketball?

FTM = free throws made FTA = free throws attempted

How many consecutive free throws did Larry Bird make?


What does FT stand for in basketball stats?

Free throws.

In basketball what is given if a player is fouled in the key area whilst in the process of shooting?

if the player scores then he is awarded one free throw. If he misses then it is two free throws

How many free throws do you get if you are fouled during the act of shooting basketball?

two throws

Who had the most consecutive free throws made in the NBA?

Michael Williams, from the minnesota timberwolves in 93, made 97 straight free throws

How many consecutive free throws has dirk nowitzki made?

At the moment he stands at 74 consecutive and the record is 97 consecutive by Michael Williams.

Does the weight of the basketball affect free throws?

yes, the weight of a basketball does affect free throws because while shooting a free throw you have a routine for every opportunity of shooting a free throw and if have a basketball that has different weight then your other basketball then you will end up short or long.

How does a referee determine how many free throws are awarded when a player is fouled when shooting?

Im assuming you mean in basketball. If the player is shooting from inside the arc (three-point line), then they receive two free throws. Outside the arc, then they receive three free throws. If the shot goes into the basket, then they receive one extra free throw.