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The most common skateboard is probably a birdhouse or element

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Q: What is the most common skateboard?
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What is a skateboard made out of?

A skateboard is made out of multiple layers of ply-wood. 7-Ply skateboard are the most common. The ply is usually made of maple.

What is the most common kind of skateboard clothing?

The most common kind of skateboard clothing is just simple and fresh style of clothing. For example, skateboarders wear just a short sleeve t-shirt and shorts for comfort.

What kind of noun is skateboard?

The word skateboard is a singular, common, compound, concrete noun; a word for a thing.

Is skateboard a proper noun?

No, the noun skateboard is a common noun, a general word for any skateboard of any kind.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place or thing; for example, a Sk8mafia Skateboard.

What age group of children is commonly associated with the use of a skateboard?

Children of varying ages skateboard, but teenagers are widely considered the most common age group to skateboard. The hobby tends to become more popular in late middle school to early high school.

What is the best skateboard wheel brand?

To my belief and perspective, spitfire is the most sick, wiked, and most pop wheel for the skateboard.

What parts of a skateboard do you need the most when doing an ollie?

you need all the parts of a skateboard to ollie

is skateboard a common noun or proper noun?

Common nouns refer to an object, person or place. Examples include, skateboard, athlete or theatre. I think I gave it a god answer

Is a skateboard a proper noun or a common noun?

it is a common noun, only names are proper nouns

Why do most people skateboard?

there nothing better to do.

What is the most popular skateboard shoes?


What is the most popular skateboard trick?


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