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Believe it or not its horse racing, saw it in my new trivial pursuit game.

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Q: What is the most attended sport in the US?
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What is most attended sport in US?


What is the most attended sport in America?

Football is the most watched and most attended sport in America

What sport annually is the most attended in the US?

base ball base ball

What is the biggest sport in us colleges?

American football. Best funded, most closely followed and most watched/attended by far.

What is the largest attended stadium sport event in the US?

The Super Bowl

What is the most watched or attended sport in the world football or formula 1?

"Football/Soccer" Soccer is the most watched of all...

What is the most played and attended sport in the work and do you have statistics on the individual sports?

soccer it is played worldwide

Is AFL the most attended sport in Australia?

Yes; the AFL competition is by far the most attended sporting competition in Australia. The sport itself is not called 'AFL', but Australian Rules Football. Even here, too, Australian football across all its competitions within Australia is the most publicly attended of all sports within the country if the country is considered as a whole.

Is soccer the most played sport in the US?

No, but it is the most played sport (or popular) in the world.

What is the most attended theme park in the US?

Disney in Florida.

What is the most attended sport?

Soccer is the most attended sport in the world but only while the Fifa World Cup is on. Nascar has the largest stadiums but are not always sold out, daytona 500 is the biggest stadium in racing, in soccer a staduim in Brazil is the largest staduim that at maximum can host nearly 250,000 people.

Most favorite sport played in the US?

Baseball used to be the favorite sport played and watched in the US but now football is the most-watched sport, while BASKETBALL reigns supreme in terms of MOST PLAYED.