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I think his assist record for the play of is 24 in a game.

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Q: What is the most assists made by magic Johnson in a game?
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What is the record of assists in an NBA game?

magic Johnson made 37 assists in 1 nba game

How did Magic Johnson get his nickname?

The nickname "Magic" was given to Earvin Johnson by a sportswriter, who saw the 15-year-old basketball play in a high school game. He made 36 points, 16 rebounds and 16 assists, and did it so beautifully that the journalist referred to him as "Magic" Johnson. The name -- and the prowess on the court -- stuck.

Which player made the basket that made Magic Johnson the all-time assists leader during the 90-91 season?

Terry Teagle

What contribution did Magic Johnson make to society?

Magic Johnson has made contributions to the game of basketball by being an unofficial ambassador. He has also donated much time and money to benefit disadvantage youth.

What made magic Johnson famous?

Magic Johnson was made famous by his rivalry with Larry Bird

Who was given the nickname magic?

magic johnson, an nba ball player who made the all star game many times. He retired from the nba several years after contracting AIDS.

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Magic made 12061 shots , 5860 are free throws, 1074 are 3 points, and 5137 are doubles

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Magic Johnson made the world a better place by giving contrbutions to peo'le with aids /hiv and by giving other stetes movie theatres like now in harlem we have a movie theatre

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