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In Gridiron, that would be end of season competition! From regional high school championships to college conference and national championships to the Super Bowl! And now, even the European and German versions of these games. Also, some people wait all year just for the competition between rival teams! At least that's how it is for me!

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Q: What is the most anticipated event in the world of American football?
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American football is not an Olympic event because not enough countries play it competitively. A game similar to American football is played only in Canada. What the rest of the world calls football (Soccer in US) is played at the Olympics.

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It is a event of football or soccer , to find out which country is the best in the world.

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American football was first known as association football. The world knows soccer by the name "football," rather than American football.

Are there American football fans all over the world?

== American Football Fans Worldwide = Yes.

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Is Soccer is referred to as football in most parts of the world?

Yes, most of the world will refer to it as football. What the Americans refer to as football is called American Football.

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With over 3.5 billion fans, football (or soccer) is undeniably the most watched sport in the world. Football has the maximum stadiums, greatest numbers of people buying football merchandise, number of competitions and events held - such as the world cup, UEFA League, American Cup, etc. Also there are the maximum number of teams, leagues and clubs for football all over the world. The current football world cup 2010 has about 715.1 million people who watched the final. It is the world's most widely viewed sports event today.

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There are different edition for different type event. so each event for example the Football world cup they up date the uniform.

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Will your right in saying that American don't care to much for football (soccer) ...But, when it came to hosting the FIFA Wold Cup the popularity of the sport to Americans does not really play a factor in the deicer for the event to be in America , although the sport has gained a strong foot hold on the American society , the millions upon millions of dollars that this event will bring is more of the driving force behind hosting this and any big event ...

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Facts about football include its creator Walter Camp in 1876. The biggest televised event in the world is the Super Bowl.

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The main reason is to find out the best country in football that year.

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