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This depends on you budget, quality of paint and what job you need done. If you are close range, the stock barrel is fine. if you need long range, get an apex or flatline barrel, if you want maximum accuracy, you need a two piece barrel and paint that fits the bore perfectly.

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Q: What is the most accurate Tippmann A-5 paintball barrel for the price and length of the barrel?
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When determining the length of a paintball marker barrel do you include the length of the threads?

yes, length is measured anywhere the paintball is inside the barrel

What are some features of the Tippmann A5?

Tippmann A5 is a pneumatic gun or marker used for paintball. It is classified as a semi-automatic gun, with 0.68 caliber, a standard trigger, 8.5'' barrel length and more than 150 feet as range.

Can you buy a paintball barrel back and add it to your existing barrel for more length?

No, barrel backs to not use the same threads as barrels. You can buy longer barrel fronts to attach to barrel backs.

How fast can 266.8psi propell a paintball?

depends on the marker design, length of barrel and a whole host of other variables

Anybody know where i can get a 25 inch barrel for a tippmann a5 or 98?

why? Anybody that's been around paintball more than 5-6 days knows that you never even want a barrel longer than 16 inches, and even that is excessively long...go online and buy a Stiffi, an Apex, or a Straightline barrel...they will be the length you need and be more accurate than your gun has ever been...please don't waste money on an off-brand barrel either, they suck. Seriously though, spend $50-75 on a nice, name-brand barrel and you will be so much happier in the long run.

Does the length of a barrel and the type of propellant used affect the distance and the accuracy of the paintball?

These are two separate questions, but yes, barrel lenght and propellant affect the distance and accuracy of paintballs.

What would a longer barrel on a paintball gun have to do with the flight of the paintball?

A: A paintball will start falling towards the ground as soon as it exits the mouth of the barrelB: When using barrels under 14", there is still a pressure buildup behind the paintball when it exits the muzzle, thus the full potential of the shot is not utilised.C: When using barrels over 16", there is no longer a buildup of pressure behind the paintball, thus the friction inside the barrel causes it to lose velocity, in turn losing range.As such, a 16" barrel is the ultimate length. pressure buildup lasts throughout the entire barrel length, so maximum shot potential is utilised.the above is way wrong, the amount of air behind the paintball depends on the pressure and your dwell setting not the barrel length. barrel length has nothing to do with the flight of a paintball, internal diamiter and build quality do a bit but the quality of the paintball itself will have the most effect. between 12"-16" is all personal preference and there is no performance difference, below 12 there is not much room for porting so your shot is louder, above 16 and you have to use extra air/co2 to get the paintball up to the right speed, 16" is nice for sticking through bushes if your a woodsball player and pushing down bunkers if you are a speedball player, 12 will be very compact, i tend to stick to 14, and get some of both worlds

How do you know if a browning 16 gauge barrel is the correct length?

While the original length is not indicated on the barrel, the barrel weight is. Example: 1Kg012 which would mean 1012 grams. An accurate scale would help you identify. If the barrel weighs less than the stamped number then the barrel has been altered.

What factors determine the length of a gun barrel?

Barrel length is measured from the bolt face to the end of the barrel.

Are gas piston air guns accurate?

They are just as accurate as any other power system in air guns. A lot of it has to do with the design and length of the barrel. Rifles barrels are much more accurate than smooth bore barrels.

What is the precision for 0.238 cm?

The length is accurate to the nearest 10 micrometres.The length is accurate to the nearest 10 micrometres.The length is accurate to the nearest 10 micrometres.The length is accurate to the nearest 10 micrometres.

What is the legal length of shotgun barrel in Canada?

There is no restriction on barrel length but the overall length of the firearm must be 26.5 in or greater

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