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Q: What is the most TD passes an Ohio State QB has thrown in a single season?
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What is the most wins in college baseball in a single season?

1982 Wichita State Shockers were 73-14 and established an NCAA record for single-season wins

Who holds Michigan states single season scoring record?

Who holds the Michigan State record for tackles in a season?

What is Iowa State's team record for most passing touchdowns in a single season?


What is the definition of a lateral in football?

A lateral is a pass that is thrown sideways to or behind the player that throws the pass. This is the opposite of a 'forward pass' which is a pass thrown downfield, or in front of, the player that throws the pass. American football rules state that only one forward pass can be thrown per play. However, there is no limit as to the number of lateral passes that can be thrown per play.

What are facts about Arizona state softball?

Most walks in a single season: 2008 301 BB's

What are the lyrics in 9 samurai?

A stone will be thrown at the state. And a stone will be thrown at the churches.

What college football player has the most touchdowns in a season?

Most NCAA single season rushing touchdowns is 39 by Barry Sanders in 1988 playing for Oklahoma State.

Who had the most touchdown receptions in a single season in the NCAA?

The NCAA record for most touchdown receptions in a single season belongs to David Kircus. In 2002, Kircus had 35 receiving touchdowns for Division II Grand Valley State.

DID Montezuma COMMand a single state?

Mintezuma commanded a single state, the single state of Tenochtitlan.

Who passes state wide laws?

State legislators and governors

Who is the single season high school rusher for the state of Louisiana?

Cedric Skinner from Oberlin High School. 2010 he rushed for 3743 yards and 49 touchdowns on 510 carries. He also ranks # 16 nationally for single season rushing.

Most wins in a single season for college football team?

BYU 14-1 1996 Ohio State 14-0 2002 BYU finished 14-1 1996-97. BYU's 14 wins that season was the most ever by a Division I college football team in a single season and the most games ever played in a season. Ohio State tied that record with a 14-0 record in 2002.

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