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That would be Ichiro Suzuki, with 45 straight games with a steal.

No it isnt....

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Q: What is the modern day MLB record for consecutive games with at least one steal?
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What is the MLB record for consecutive games with at least one home run by a team?

Atlanta braves

Which Team had the most consecutive games with at least one stolen base in the American League of MLB?

The record is tied between the New York Yankees(1914) and the Tampa Bay Rays (2009). The record is set at 19 consecutive games.

What year did the Red Sox set the club record for most consecutive games with at least one homer?


What mlb team has the longest streak of scoring at least 1 run?

The team record for most consecutive games with at least one run scored (i.e., most consecutive games not being shut out) is 308, set by the Yankees between August 3, 1931, and August 2, 1933.

How many consecutive games did Don Mattingly hit a home-run in?

In 1987, Mattingly hit at least one home run in eight consecutive games. This tied a record set by Dale Long of the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1956. In 1993 Ken Griffey Jr. of the Seattle Mariners also hit home runs in eight consecutive games.

Who has the NCAA record for consecutive 3 point shots?

As of November 18, 2010, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas holds the record with 774 consecutive games with at least (1) 3 pointer made in each game.

What is the record for most consecutive game with at least one strikeout for a batter?

batter with the most strikeouts

Who holds the nascar record of at least one win a season for 16 consecutive seasons?

Ricky Rudd - he had a at least one win every year from 1983 to 1998

Who are the only 4 baseball players to appear in at least 140 games for 16 consecutive seasons?

johnny damon

How long did Joe DiMaggio play for the San Francisco Seals?

DiMaggio played for the Pacific Coast League team from 1932 to 1935. In 1933, he set a league record with at least one hit in 61 consecutive games. He joined the New York Yankees in 1936.

Who has the most rushing touchdowns in Auburn University football history?

Carnell "Cadillac" Williams Carnell Williams holds the record for the modern era. The all-time record is "at least" 48 rushing touchdowns by Ed Sherling from the early 1920's. The "at least" number is because Sherling played in two games that records do not exist.

How many consecutive games has UK gone with at least one three point basket?

874 as of January 8th 2014

Who holds the NCAA record for most rushing touchdowns in a season?

In 1988, in what has been called the greatest season in college football history, Sanders led the nation by averaging 7.6 yards per carry and over 200 yards per game, including rushing for over 300 yards in four games. He set college football season records with 2,628 yards rushing, 3,249 total yards, 234 points, 39 touchdowns, of which 37 were rushing (also a record), 5 consecutive 200 yard games, scored at least 2 touchdowns in 11 consecutive games, and 9 times he scored at least 3 touchdowns. Sanders won the Heisman Trophy as the season's best player.

Who holds the record for most consecutive seasons with at least one home run?

Rickey Henderson in 25 straight seasons!! Ty Cobb in 24 seasons

What is the NBA record for most games in a row with at least 10 assists?

What is the NBA record for most games in a row with 10 or more assists

Which male tennis player holds the record for the least games dropped in a grand slam tournament?

bjorn borg in 1980 french open with 31 games

WHO had the longest point streak in the NHL?

Wayne Gretzky had the longest point-scoring streak in NHL history. In the 1983-1984 season, he had at least a point in 51 consecutive games.

Who has baseball's longest hitting streak this season 2011?

Dan Uggla of the Atlanta Braves had at least one hit in 33 consecutive games through August 13, 2011.

What pitcher has started in the most World Series games?

No surprise (to me at least) that the answer is Whitey Ford, who started 22 World Series games, winning ten of them -- also a record.

Which team holds the record for least sacks allowed in a 16 game season?

The 1988 Miami Dolphins hold that record. They managed to allow just 7 sacks in 16 games.

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What passing records does Peyton Manning hold?

He holds many, but key records that he holds are:Highest passer rating, season: 121.1 (2004)Most seasons with at least 4,000 passing yards: 9 (1999-2004, 2006-2008)Most consecutive seasons with at least 4,000 passing yards: 6 (1999-2004)Most consecutive seasons with at least 25 touchdown passes: 11 (1998-2008; current)Most games with a perfect passer rating, career: 4 (includes 1 playoff game)Most consecutive games started to open a career by a quarterback (current): 181Most consecutive games with at least 2 touchdown passes: 13 (games 1-13, 2004)Most consecutive games with at least 4 touchdown passes: 5 (games 7-11, 2004)Most games with at least 4 touchdown passes (season, 2004): 6 (tied with 1984 Marino)Most games with at least 5 touchdown passes, career: 7 (includes 1 playoff game)One of only six QB's with at least 6 touchdown passes in two games (tied with Sammy Baugh, Y.A. Tittle, Daryle Lamonica, Charley Johnson and George Blanda)Highest career TDs/game average among QBs with at least 150 TDs: 1.89 TDs/gameMost consecutive games with a passer rating over 100: 9 (games 5-13 of 2004 season; record tied by Carson Palmer, 2004-05 and Tom Brady, 2006-07)Most career games with a completion percentage of 70% or higher (min. 10 attempts): 55Most seasons with 12+ wins as a starter (regular season only): 7 (1999, 2003-2008)Only QB with at least 12 wins as a starter in 6 consecutive seasons (2003-2008)Only QB with seven straight seasons of 10+ wins as a starter (2002-2008)Playoff recordsMost 300+ yard passing games: 6 (tied with Joe Montana)Most 400+ yard passing games: 2 (tied with Dan Marino)Most yards passing, 1st half of game: 360 vs. Denver Broncos, 1/9/05One of only four QB's to post a perfect 158.3 rating in a game (Don Meredith, Terry Bradshaw, Dave Krieg)One of only three QB's to complete 30 or more passes in 2 playoff games (Warren Moon, Tom Brady)Most consecutive games with 20+ completions: 7 (tied w/Tom Brady)

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