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As of Jan 2007, $28,000 is the rookie league minimum. With that being said, the average AFL salary is approximately $85,000. This is much lees than the average NFL player and comparable to the NFL's rookie league minimum.

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Q: What is the minimum salary in the arena football league?
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What is the minimum salary for a arena football kicker?

$192,000 a year

How much does an Arena 2 player make?

Arena 2 football players aren't big time celebrities. Their average salary is around $75,000 per year, with the league minimum much lower than this.

What is the highest Arena Football League Salary?

The highest salary is 240,000 according to

What is the average salary for arena 2 football league?

Roughly $200 per game.

Arena football salaries?

what is the salary to play arena football

What is the salary of arena football head coaches?

I am very upset by the "postponement" of the Arena football league for this season. I'd like to know where the problems were and how the reorganizing structure is will change the game.

When was Arena Football League created?

Arena Football League was created in 1987.

When did Arena Football League end?

Arena Football League ended in 2009.

When was Arena Football League on ESPN created?

Arena Football League on ESPN was created in 2007.

When did Arena Football League on ESPN end?

Arena Football League on ESPN ended in 2008.

Can you play in the Arena Football League with no GED or high school diploma?

contact the Arena Football League

What is the duration of Arena Football League on ESPN?

The duration of Arena Football League on ESPN is 3 hours.

What is James Roe salary?

James Roe is best known for his time playing for the Arena Football League. While playing in the AFL his salary was $40,000 per year.

What is the salary for arena 1 football players?

The average salary for Arena 1 football players is $31,000. This is in contrast to the average salary of an NFL player which is $1.9 million per year.

What are the top salaries for arena football league players?

I don't know the top salaries, but the average salary is $85,000 per year.

Arena football salary?

around 8000-200k

What is the average salary for arena football players?


What is the salary of a defensive lineman in arena football?

The average salary for any player in arena football is about $80,000 per year. There are 16 players per team, 8 on offense and 8 on defense.

What states have arena football teams?

There are many states that have an arena football league, including Illinois, Colorado, and Washington. Florida, California, and Oregon also have football teams in the arena franchise.

How did the Arena Football League get its start?

The Arena Football League was first started from an idea of an indoor football game. The first game was played in 1987. The first test game was played in Rockford Illinois.

In what countries is Arena Football played?

Arena football is an indoor American football game in the United States. The game is best known from Arena Football League, which is based in the United States, like the game itself.

What does AFL stand for?

Since this is in the American Football category, I would say it stands for either American Football League, or Arena Football League.American football league

What is the difference between arena football and semi professional football?

arena football is pro football but it is just 50 yards and has different rules. semi pro football is like a little league for the NFL.

What is the average salary of an arena football player?

Last time I heard it was about $25,000

What is the base salary for arena football players in 2011?

it is normally $7200-$50,000 a year