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The number of ping pong balls needed to get a steel cube to float would depend on the mass of the steel cube.

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Q: What is the minimum number of ping pong balls needed to get a steel cube to float?
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What is the minimum upthrust force needed to make 1600 newtons float?

The minimum upthrust force needed to make an object float is equal to the weight of the object. In this case, the minimum upthrust force needed to make an object weighing 1600 newtons float is also 1600 newtons.

Does a bowling balls float?

No, they are not bouyant. They won't float on water, but they will float on mercury.

What is the smallest upthrust force needed to float 600 Newtons?

your weight

How do balls float?

Well balls float-cos the force of upthrust from the water is pushing them up-and is stronger than gravity.The surface area increases the upthrust-which is why pumped balls float better than deflated.

Do thermocol balls float on water?

Yes, thermocol balls are made of expanded polystyrene foam, which is less dense than water. This is why thermocol balls will float on water.

What are the little balls for in antifreeze tester?

They float at different densities. If the density of the water/antifreeze mix is too weak, the number of balls floating will indicate that, if the mix is correct, they'll indicate that.

What is the term of the depth of the water needed to float a boat clear of the water?

The term is impossible. A boat cannot float clear of the water.

Why do soccer balls Float?

Soccer balls never really float but they do stay in the air for a short period of time. This is mainly due to the compressed air inside the a ball.

Can bouncy balls be put in fishes bowls?

Yes and they float

How do balls float on water?

Balls float on water due to a principle known as buoyancy. When an object is less dense than water, it displaces an amount of water that weighs more than the object itself, causing it to float. The shape and size of the ball also play a role in determining its ability to float.

What are 4 things that float?

balls, bottle caps, paper, boats

What is it e-balls?

E-balls, or Environmental Balls, are balls which float on the top of liquids in open process tanks. Their purpose is to reduce evaporation and/or heat loss from the surface of the liquid in the tank.