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about 4-5 depends HOW heavy the sled is ;)

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Q: What is the minimum number of dogs a sled team can run with?
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What is a group of dogs that pull a sled called?

A group of sled dogs is called a "Team" of sled dogs.

What are the best breed of dogs to have on a sled team?

the best breeds of dogs for a sled team would probably be huskies.

What is the fewest run number of dogs a team can run with?

When running in the Iditarod race, there are a maximum of 16 dogs allowed on a team. When the racer crosses over the finish line, there must be at least a minimum of 6 dogs pulling the sled to win. They may begin with as few as 12 dogs.

How many sled dogs are on on a averavage team?

15 dogs

What are the names of sled dog positions that have 16 dogs in them?

The dogs closest to the sled are called wheel dogs. They must be the strongest dogs on your team. Then all the dogs in the middle are called team dogs. They are usually the fastest dogs. In front is of course your lead dogs. They respond to your commands. Directly behind them are the swing dogs. They help turn the sled. Here is a layout. Lead Lead Swing Swing Team Team Team Team Team Team Team Team Team Team Wheel Wheel Sled If you only have one lead dog then he just goes in the front alone.

Do sled dogs and people work as a team?

Sled dogs and people can work together by sharing their food together

How do sled dogs learn how to pull the sled?

They are trained to do it and when being trained learn off the other dogs in the team.

What is the most dogs a dog sled team can run with?

wiener dogs

How many dogs are in a sled team?

up to 5,000

How many dogs can be in a sled team?

12 - 16

How many dogs are on a sled team?


What order do sled dogs line up in?

There is a Lead Dog(s) Then Swing Dogs Then Usually Three Rows of Team Dogs Then The Wheel Dogs Then the Sled and You!

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