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Two. Take 3 balls and 3 balls. Leave 2 on the table. If the 3 and 3 balance set them aside and weigh the remaining 2 balls and you know which one is heavier. Done. If they don't balance, take the heavier 3, place one ball on the table and balance the other 2. If they balance, the one on the table is heavier. Done. If they don't, you know which one of the two is heaver. Done.

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Q: What is the minimum no of weighings to detect a heavier ball out of 8 balls?
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When did golf balls change in size?

Golf balls are heavier when frozen.

Why are pol-lo balls heavier than ping pong balls?

Because they are!

Suppose you had 8 billiard balls and one of them was slightly heavier?

1) take pair of 3 balls first and weigh against each other 2) if same then weigh remaining two balls 3) else wiegh 2 balls out of 3 heavier balls

How can you tell which of three balls is the lightest or heaviest using a simple balance that consists of two pans?

Tough question to get into one sentence! You can do it in two weighings. Select any two of the balls and place one on each pan. If the scale balances, the third ball is the oddball. A second comparison will determine whether the oddball is lighter or heavier than the other two balls. Simply replace one of the first two balls with the oddball. If the oddball is heavier, its pan will drop; if it's lighter, its pan will rise. But what if the scale fails to balance the first time? (It is twice as likely that the scale will fail to balance when selecting two of the three balls at random for the first comparison!) If the scale fails to balance on the first comparison of two randomly selected balls, then you know that the oddball is on the scale, but you do NOT know which one it is, and you don't know whether it's heavier or lighter than the other two. A second comparison will resolve those issues. Remove the lighter ball from its pan and replace it with the third ball. If the scale remains out of balance, then you know that the heavier ball is the oddball, which is, of course, heavier than the other two. If, however, the scale balances, then the ball you removed is the oddball and is lighter than the other two.

If you have 7 tennis balls 1 is heavier than the others and a balance How do you find which one is the heaviest only using the balance twice?

1- Take ou one ball and slit the other six into two groups of three balls 2- put the two groups in the balance ( first use ) and if they are the same weight then the ball you took out in the first place is the heavier if not and one group is heavier than the other then the heavier ball is in that group so you can exclude the other group and the ball you took out at first. 3- If one group is heavier than the other then you take one ball from that group ( it has 3 balss remember? ) and you weight the other two remaining balls ( second and last use of the balance ) if the two balls have the same weight then the ball you took out is the heavier one if not look to the balance to see which of the balls is lower and there is your answer. Please, tell me if you understood : )

Is 1 kg of sand heavier than 1 kg of polystyrene balls?

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If you have ten barrels 9 filled with one oz balls and one with 2 oz balls With only one weighing how do you find the barrel with two oz balls?

->Take one ball from barrel one, two from barrel two, three from barrel three, etc. Weigh the balls. The number of ounces over 55 ounces will indicate which barrel has the heavier balls. If the weight is 60 ounces, barrel 5 has the heavier ones.

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