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The diameter of an NBA Basketball is just under 9.5 inches. The height of an NBA rim is 10 feet off the ground. Therefore, a minimum height of 10' 91/2' would be required to slam dunk.

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Q: What is the minimum height to slam dunk?
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What is the height of a hoop for a slam dunk contest?

11 feet

What is the height of a 4th graders basketball goal?

to do a slam dunk

Will there be slam dunk 2 anime?

yes it will be Slam dunk 2 but am not sure about slam dunk 3.

What do you win for winning the slam dunk contest?

The slam dunk championship.

What is the exact definition of a slam dunk?

A slam dunk is a basketball shot in which a player jumps in the air achieving such a height that the player may then force the ball through the hoop in a powerful manner. Note: Touching, grabbing or hanging from the rim are not a requirement for a slam dunk.

What is the difference between slam dunk and dunk?

Slam Dunk is the full term, dunk is the shorter one. They are the same thing.

Slam dunk animie season 2?

yes,, I love slam dunk..

When did Super Slam Dunk happen?

Super Slam Dunk happened in 1993.

What do you need to do a slam dunk?

To slam dunk, you need a basketball and a basketball hoop. The definition of a slam dunk is pushing the ball through a basketball hoop.

In which sport might you slam dunk?

You would only slam dunk in basketball.

Does PS2 have slam dunk contest?

They have NBA Live games, which have slam dunk contests.

What is the duration of Slam Dunk Ernest?

The duration of Slam Dunk Ernest is 1.55 hours.

What is the duration of Slam Dunk manga?

The duration of Slam Dunk - manga - is 1800.0 seconds.

When was Super Slam Dunk created?

Super Slam Dunk was created in 1993-07.

Who was the first woman to slam dunk in Olympics?

Elizabeth Cambage was the first woman to slam dunk in the olympics. She also got that slam dunk for Australia. yeh yeh

In which sport do players slam dunk?

The slam dunk is done in basketball. It is where a player slams a ball through the basketball hoop (thus, a slam dunk). No other sport has this.

Does the slam dunk involve kinetic energy?

Yes, the slam dunk involves kinetic energy.

What is the physics of a slam dunk?

a slam dunk is when you throw the ball violently in the rim. BAM PHYSICS

Will derrick rose compete in the 2011 slam dunk contest?

No, he will not compete in the Slam Dunk Contest.

When was Slam Dunk Ernest created?

Slam Dunk Ernest was created on 1995-06-20.

When was Slam Dunk - manga - created?

Slam Dunk - manga - was created on 1995-07-15.

How tall do you have to be to slam dunk?

There is no minimum height you need to be to slam dunk although, obviously, the taller one is the easier it is to do it. The smallest person I have seen slam dunk is former NBA player Spud Webb who won the NBA slam dunk competition at the 1986 All Star Game. Webb was 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters) tall. Click on the 'Spud Webb Dunking' link below to see highlights from the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk contest 6'1 or under---You can't 6'2-6'3---Maybe you can, but if you are 6'2, most likely not (You have to jump really high) 6'4---You can possibly dunk, with a little bit of strength 6'5---You can dunk properly 6'6---You can dunk like Kobe Bryant, but not like Shaq at 7'1 6'7 or higher---You could dunk like nothing!

How tall should I be to be able to dunk?

No minimum height applies, its all dependent on the height of your vertical jump

Did Kobe ever win the slam dunk contest?

Yes he won the Slam Dunk contest in 1997.

Could you slam dunk at 6ft?

Yes, a person could slam dunk at 6 feet tall.