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There is no minimum distance between tee and green in Golf, but most holes are at least 50 yards from the front tees.

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Q: What is the minimum distance between tee and green on any hole?
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If a golf hole is said to be 480 yds what is the point at which the measurement starts and at what point does it fininsh?

The distance is measured from the tee box to the middle of the green. If a hole is said to be 480 yds, that distance is from the tee and "usually" to the centre of the green. Yardage markers ie 150 yrds out are measured the same.

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Where is the hole in golf located?

The hole is located on the putting green also known as the green.

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What is the minimum depth of a golf hole?

The depth of a golf hole should be at least 4 inches deep.

Golf what distance does a par 3 become a par 4 and then a par 5?

A typical length for a par-three hole ranges between 91-224 meters/100-250 yards; for a par-four hole, between 225-434 meters/251-475 yards; and for a par-five hole, between 435 and 630 meters/476-690 yards. The slope of the course (uphill or downhill) can also affect the par rating. If the tee-to-green distance on a hole is predominantly downhill, it will play shorter than its physical length and may be given a lower par rating and the opposite is true for uphill holes. Par ratings are also affected by factors such as the placement of hazards or the shape of the green which can sometimes affect the play of a hole such that it requires an extra stroke to avoid playing into hazards.

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What is a hole in one?

If a golfer hits the ball from the tee, and it lands into the hole on the green, it is classed as a hole in one.

Can a hole be 2 foot from the edge of the green?

Yes it can be anywhere on the green.

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What is a gps golf range finder used for?

A gps golf range finder is used by golfers to see the distance to the hole, and also the distance between the golfer and the various hazards of the course.

Can you use a driver on the first drive of any given hole regardless of the distance to the hole?


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