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It is 20

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Q: What is the minimum age requirement to participate in the skiing Olympics?
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What sports does Turkey participate in at the Olympics?

Turkey participates in alpine skiing, figure skating, and cross-country skiing in the winter olympics. In the summer olympics, all I know is that they wrestle.

Has Greece ever won a medal at the winter Olympics?

No. Greece has sent athletes to the Winter Olympics to participate in alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, luge, skeleton, bobsleigh, and biathlon without winning any medals.

Is skiing a sport in the Olympics?

it is in the winter olympics. there are lots of skiing events in the winter olympics

What is the difference between alpine skiing in Olympics and regular alpine skiing?

alpine skiing in the Olympics is a race and regular alpine skiing is recreational.

Does Greece participate in the winter Olympics?

Yes. Greece has sent a small squad to the Winter Olympics since 1932 with the exception of 1960. Their 2006 Winter Olympic team consisted of athletes in Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, and Cross Country Skiing. They have never won a medal at the Winter Games.

Does Switzerland participate in the Olympics?

Yes, Switzerland has competed in each Summer and Winter Olympics in the modern era. The sports of alpine skiing, gymnastics, and bobsleigh are those that Swiss athletes have won the most medals.

Will moldova participate in 2010 winter Olympics?

There are Moldovan athletes entered in the 2010 Winter Olympics for Alpine skiing, (Urs Imboden, Christophe Roux), biathlon (at least six athletes), and luge (Bogdan Macovei).

What is the difference between Olympics alpine skiing and regular?

Its the same, but olympic skiing take place in the olympics;-)

What are three types of skiing you could participate in?

Water skiing, Downhill skiing, cross country skiing, freestyle skiing, ski jumping, so on.

What types of skiing are there in the Olympics?

Alpine Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Free-Style Skiing, Ski Jumping

How long has skiing been in the Olympics?

Nordic skiing has been in the Winter Olympics since it's inception in 1924. Alpine skiing has been contested since 1936.

What year did Russia first participate in cross country skiing in the Olympics?

1994 Winter Games in Lillehammer. They won 5 medals (3 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze).

How is Italy participating in the 2010 winter Olympics?

I believe that it is skiing and Speed skiing.

Where was the 1970 Winter Olympics in skiing held?

There were no winter Olympics in 1970.

What started the winter Olympics?


Who was the only Pakistani to participate in 2010 winter olympicsin 20210 winter olympicster Olympics?

Muhammad Abbas. Muhammad finished 79th in men's giant slalom alpine skiing. He was the first athlete representing Pakistan to ever compete in the Winter Olympics.

When was alpine skiing first in the Olympics?

Germany's 1936 Olympics that is when it first started

What winter Olympic sports does Iceland participate?

At the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, Iceland sent athletes to compete in alpine skiing. At previous Winter Olympics, athletes representing Iceland have also competed in cross country skiing and ski jumping. They have won no Winter Olympic medals.

Which is the fastest skiing event in the winter Olympics?

The fastest is downhill skiing (or Alpine skiing), where the racers can exceed 100 KPH (60 MPH).

When did freestyle skiing enter the Olympics?


When was skiing introduced to the winter Olympics?


What events couldn't they do in the ancient olympics?


Where can you participate in skiing?

anywhere. you just need the right equipment.

How long has free style skiing been in the Olympics?

how long has free style skiing been in the olimpics

When did downhill skiing begin in the Olympics?

Downhill first appeared in the Olympics in St. Moritz in 1948.