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it is the half court line which separates the different halves.

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Q: What is the midline called on a basketball court?
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What is is circular in the middle of the basketball court called?

its called half court

What is the center in a basketball court called?

Half court.

What are the seats in a basketball stadium called?

Seats in a basketball court are called bleachers.

What is basketball field called?

A court

What is basketball venue called?


What you called a basketball ground?

A common name for a basketball ground would be a basketball court.

Where is the box on a basketball court?

its called the perimeter

How many sections on a basketball court?

On a football field, the section behind the goal posts are called the end sections. On a basketball court, what is the section behind the basketball goals called? HDC

What is the circle in the center of the basketball court called?

This circle is called the center circle.

What are two of the four sides of the basketball court called?


Did the Titanic have basketball court?

No the titanic did not have a basketball court haha

Can you show me a basketball court?

This is a basketball court

Is it a basketball court or a basketball pitch?

The correct name for it is A basketball court.

What is moving down a basketball court while bouncing the ball called?

it is called dribbling

Why is basketball court important?

Becaus eother wise it wouldt be called basketball and you need the baskets to score

How do you play a basketball?

First of all, the sport is called basketball. Not a basketball. The objective is to dribble the ball down the court and shoot with your hands into the basketball net.

Were on the basketball court is the game started?

in the middle which is called the tip off

What is 5 people on the basketball court and 7 on the bench called?


Where is the wing on basketball court?

Its at the wing on the basketball court bird.

What is a basketball court?

A basketball court is a designated, usually concreted, area on which the game of basketball is played.

What do you play basketball on?

a basketball court

How many umpires are on the court in a basketball game?

they are called referees and there is 2 to 3

Is a women's basketball court smaller than a men's basketball court?


What is required to play basketball?

a basketball a basketball court. and you.

Size of a 3 on 3 basketball court?

Same as a usual basketball court