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Q: What is the middle school female record for discus?
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How heavy is a middle school discus?

A middle school discus weighs 1.0 kilos (2 lbs.)

What was the longest discus throw ever?

The 2008 Olympics was held in Beijing China. The gold medal for the longest discus was awarded to Gerd Kanter for a throw of 68.82 metres (223.8 feet).

What is American middle school record for the 100 meter dash?

Idk the record but my middle school record was 11.2 set by Lamaris Reed

What discus size does the middle school boys use to throw?

beetween 20m-35m (under13,s)

Who holds the boys Tennessee state high school record in the discus throw?

No one has ever throw 240 in the discus in Tennessee in fact no one has thrown over 200 feet. The TSSAA state record is held by Brett Collins of Jefferson County. 187-10 in 1987. That record my be broken this year or next several good discus throwers in Tennessee this year.

Weight of a discus in Women Discus Competition?

The Official weight of a female discus is 1.0 Kilograms or about 2.2 pounds for high school, college, and international compitions

What is the middle school record for pole vault?

Depends on your middle school record..Most middle schools don't have pole vaulting ( at least in CA). Check yours.

What is discus record in high school boys track in tn?

Actually this record was broken by crouser when he threw a 237 foot throw in highschool

Is John Schneider any good at Shot put and Discus?

yes he is one of the best shot put Hawkins middle school has ever seen

What is the female American high school record for the 200 meter dash?


Does high school count your service hours from middle school on your record?

It depends the high school. You should call the school and investigate it.

Average weight of most female middle school students?