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Q: What is the metal railing called that helps kids bowl in a straight line?
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What is better a cast iron outdoor railing or metal outdoor railing?

A cast iron railing is a metal railing.

How do you use clanged in a sentence?

His head clanged loudly on the metal railing.

What did allesandro volta place between layers of metal?

He placed iron railing and the brass hook.

A metal cage that helps keep an artery open is called a?


Did sound travel better through metal railing or through air if a metal rod is hit against it?

Yes it would travel better through metal as the velocity of sound in metal is more than in air.

What is the primary mode of the flow of energy from your tongue to a metal railing if you happen to lick it on a cold winter day?


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Is a metal railing rusting in damp water a chemical change?

Yes, because the oxide in the air and the water reacting with the metal causes it to rust. It is irreversible so it is classed as a chemical reaction. :D

What is the plastic or metal thing that helps you turn the key called where you put your key in the ignition?

The "ears" of the ignition.

How do you grow and keep a tree straight?

You just buy a small tree from a nearby store. You water it everyday and give it some sunlight and it grows! You keep a tree straight by usually getting a metal stick or rod and tying it against the tree. It usually helps to keep it straight. :)

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it only has 3 hp it helps if you have a skill called metal slash then its easy get a gold golem they have this skill