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Median Salary for the Premier League

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  • I remember reading a report (a Deloitte & Touche Report) that back in the 2000/2001 or 2001/2002 season, the median salary/wage was 400,000 pounds or approximately $600,000. It has defintely risen since then.
  • The 400,000 pounds ($600,000) is tax free because the football clubs pay the taxes in England.
  • �400,000, that's what some of the big footballers take home in a month! Sol Campbell of Arsenal is reportedly on a contract worth �100,000 a WEEK. That is take home so the gross figure is a lot more than that.
  • All players take home more than $600.000 a year, they make that in maybe 4 to 5 weeks.
  • The top ten earners in British Football earn about $250,000 a week but no more than that. However, when you add all the money they get from sponsorships and endorsing products it probably comes out as over $400,000 a week for the richest - that's about how D. Beckham earns in Madrid.
  • I dont think anyone knows this exactly beside the players and the club managment.

Salarys in EPL are skyrocketing... Robinho at Manchester City recently signed for $15.9 million per year... with more multi billionaire owners and the EPL growing further as the most viewed sports league on the planet..salaries will continue to grow rapidly.

In 2009 average is 1.1mil pounds which is 1.8mil us dollars

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Q: What is the median salary for Football players in English Premier League EPL?
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