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Q: What is the measurement of the good length spot on the cricket pitch?
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What is the Length of a basketball pitch?

its about good 90 i think

What is a wicked googly?

A googly is a kind of pitch similar to a baseball pitch or a bowling throw in the game Cricket, a wicked one would be a really good one.

Why do they not play cricket in the rain?

when it rains and you are playing on a turf pitch it will get muddy and soft and therefore it is impossible to get a good game in

Is the cricket good?

yes,cricket is very good its a exercise

Why is cricket a good sport?

cricket is a good sport because you can hit the ball

How do you get a good cricket ball?

to get a good cricket ball consider its build, quality and usage.

What is a good online cricket game?

stick cricket

Have Australia done good in the cricket world since they won the cricket world cup?

yes australia is playing great cricket

What if a cricket lands on you is it good luck?

A cricket landing on a person does not bring good luck. Thousands of years ago, crickets were considered as watchdogs in Asian countries. They believe that a cricket stops chirping when there is approaching danger. They believe that a cricket on the hearth is good luck.

Why is a stop watch is always sometimes or never good way to measure the length of a movie?

I suppose if your stop watch doesn't accurately measure time or has limit on the length of time it can measure it might be bad. Otherwise it would be an accurate measurement of the length of a movie.

When you make a measurement which digit in the measurement is the estimated digit?

It depends on what kind of measurement you are making, but it would generally be the digit farthest to the right. For example, if you have good eyes and a good ruler, and you are measuring something in millimeters, you can estimate tenths of a millimeter. Suppose the length of a rectangle is between 74 and 75 mm. Look closely between the millimeter marks on the ruler. Suppose the end of the rectangle is about a third of the way from the 74 to the 75, then you good estimate that the length is 74.3 mm. The digit you estimated is the last one, the 3.

Which is the a good cricket academy in Dubai?

desert club cricket academy

Are Pakistani people good at cricket?

Yes Pakistanis are very good at cricket because Pakistanis are very good and fast in bowling they're even quick when they toss the ball towards the bat so yes Pakistanis are good at cricket.

Is cricket harder than golf?

If your good at golf then yes it is harder.But if your good at cricket golf would be harder

Is ipl good for cricket?

Really IPL is good for cricket it gives a golden opportunity for the players and thus IPL is a witness for many wonderfull partnerships it also helps to attract more fans for the great game of cricket. IPL is good for cricket in many more ways.

What you should do become a cricket commentator?

The person who have good knowledge and love for cricket can become cricket commentator. Should be smart and should have good command over English language

What skills do cricket players need?

Cricket players need to have good eye-hand coordination. Other skills that cricket players need are good balance and exceptional concentration.

Are Pakis really good at cricket?

Yes Pakistan is very good at cricket because Pakistan has the best cricket team in the world. The 1992 world cup were won by the Pakistanis.

Is T20 cricket good or bad?


How can you become a cricket commentator?

u need to be a cricket nerd and have a good vocabulary

Why is myself so good at cricket?

you're not bad at cricket you're awesome

How does muscular endurance effect in cricket?

Cricket places demands on players because it is, typically, a rather lengthy game.Cricket is played in a large field and over a significant length of time. Even your average Twenty20 match runs for several hours. As the competition level increases, so does the length of the contest. The end result is that cricket players need to be able to endure physical effort for long periods with only periodic breaks. This is especially true of bowlers, who have to run up to the pitch and swing their arms in their deliveries six times an over, so the stress placed on bowlers is particularly severe. This is one reason why cricket teams need a good roster of bowlers (in addition, one-day cricket rules require a team to have at least five players capable of bowling due to a limit in the number of overs any one player can bowl in the innings).

Is cricket a good exercise?


Is length horizontal or diagonal?

A good definition might be the measurement of the longest horizontal distance of an object (x). Width would be the shorter horizontal distance (y)

What does a cricket outside your door mean?

The most common superstition involves a cricket in your home. If you find a cricket in your home, it means good luck.