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you cant see me

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Q: What is the meaning of the football gesture of waving your hand in front of your face after a touchdown?
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What culture gives a negative meaning to the hand waving gesture?

if this is really about a relatoinship then lie to your girl if her IQ is below 50 make up a culture it's not too hard

Why do my male teachers wave at me?

It's just a friendly gesture; I wouldn't read too much into it. Waving is like saying hello.

How do you say goodbye in sign language?

Gesture Your Hand In A Waving Motion!Just wave. :)Then hi is the same thing. Just wave.

What does waving your hand back and forth in front of your face mean in RAW wrestling?

it is john cena's gesture when he is going to do the five knuckle shuffle

What does the waving arms with clenched fists gesture stands for?

Daniel Dorr portrayts the SS Lieutenant Schmidt in "Fury". At the sight of the crippled Sherman tank, he orders SS troops to investigate the tank and then clenches his fists and waves his arms up and down. What does that gesture stands for?

How should a girl get a boy's attention without talking with each other?

To get his attention in general, just wave your arms around. He should notice you waving your arms around, and when he does, gesture to him to come over.

What is paper waving?

it is the waving of paper..

Is waving a noun?

No, waving is a verb.

How do you spell waving?

That is the correct spelling of "waving" (flag waving, waving at someone).The sound-alike word is "waiving" (forgoing, from to waive).

In American Sign Language what is the meaning of waving your index finger up and down?

a swer word - you are fat

What is a antonym of waving?

An antonym of waving is to not move.

When was Waving At The Astronauts created?

Waving At The Astronauts was created in 2011.

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